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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MonArch, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. im putting a grow box in an attick. I have only one extension chord running into the room( thats all i can get into it, stealth grow). I have a 150w hps and am going to build a box roughly 2ft by 2ft by 52" high. I need to know what type of fan i need in there and how much its gonna cost. I also need power for it but is there anyway i can get power other than an out let for the fan, like a battery or something and how much would it cost and would i have to recharge it?
    Another thing is that i want to add extra floros to the grow to boost the grow potential. I have 4 shop light fixtures with 80w of floros in em each. Im going to add them but that would make 320w of floros on top of a 150w hps. If the lights are all runing on one of thoes 6 outlet serge protectors will they short out and cause a fire?
    Thats why i want to run the fans on a seperate power source to reduce the risk of fire plus if there on the same power supply they will be on the same timmer wich will shut the fan off all the time
  2. I have one of those surge portector strips with eight plugs on it. I have a microwave a computer, monitor, t.v., stereo, ps2, fridge, lamp. And i'm fine.

    But if your really woried about how much power it will get and could cause a fire just put two fuses in the power line. One at the power source and one at the lamps/fans.

    If your house has breaker switches it won't let you run more amps than it can handle.

    Just make sure to use those heavy duty outdoor timers and heavyduty outdoor thick wired extension coards.

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