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  1. How do you take apart the computer fan and then wire it back up so that it plugs into a wall? If anyone could tell me that would be great. I know a lot of people use it in stealth grow boxes and that's what I need it for so pleaseeee help.
  2. u dont take them apart, u splice the wires, & use a 12v dc power supply to power them, like a cell phone charger (but these are usually only 5-6v). make sure the dc supply amp/milliamp matches the fans amp/miliamp rating. eg: fan = 12v, .26amp = a 12v dc supply w/ @ least 300mAmp
  3. its really easy... just splice the wires together. On your power supply you should have on black wire and one black with a white stripe... the white stripe is your hot.

    white to red and black to black
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  5. would i be able to splice it with something that says

    INPUT: 120VAC--60Hz 10W

    OUTPUT:9VDC 600mA? or is that too much?
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    Splice what, the fan I linked you to?

    No. PC fans are 12 volts. You have a 9V power supply there. The fan will run but not efficiently and will probably burn out prematurely.
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    why would the fans burn out prematurely? 90% of fans used in pc's now days r brushless so less voltage will jut make them run slower, meaning ur pulling less amps and the fan would last longer.

    I run my pc fans on a 6V Phone charge and it works fantastic, 9v shud be suficent to turn over a 120mm size fan but 6V would not operate anything over a 60mm. Also running less volatage and making it spin slower reduces vibration and fan noise (as well as your air flow rate). But it all adds to stealth.

    Your cant even hear the fans i run coz they r mounted on low density foam.

    Problems r only caused when u over power and fan and fry it.

  8. I GOT IT. found the right attachment and connected that biatch. but it wont catch on fire or anything if its running 24/7???
  9. Na man with the 9v and the amps being below the rating of the power supply ur all set.


  10. I read that somewhere when I was reasearching my Fan/PS purchase. Google around for "underpowered pc fans".

    The fans I use are extremely quiet and you can hardly hear them standing right in front of the box, with the proper 12V power supply.
  11. R you saying u read similar information or that copied and pasted :p coz i can assure u i rote this lol
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    I was responding to your question (below).

    I read that they can burn out if under powered, etc. If you google around you will find some of the same information I read.
  13. let me use the following analogy to explain this to you.

    imagine that a wire is a pipe, and that electricity is water.

    voltage would refer to the speed of the water flowing in the pipe, while amperage would refer to the diameter of the pipe.

    because fans are not a delicate piece of equipment and are simply an electromagnet (motor) you can safely use a power adapter that outputs too little or too much voltage... to a certain point. too little, and it wont spin, too much, the fan will go "pop" and thats the end of it.

    ive used 15v in a fan and it was fine, but this isnt true of every fan, just using as an example.

    now for amperage. as long as you dont have too little amperage, it dosn't matter how high the output is, because the fan will only draw as much current as it needs.

    if you have 12v 10 amps it will just draw the amount of amps it needs.

    if anyone believes i am wrong, i will go get sources lol this was taught to me by an electrical engineer, i didn't believe him at first either.

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