Compromised grow, Maybe? NARC involvement

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  1. Here's the situation. A few months ago, I was searching for seeds and I thought of asking some of my old friends. Ive been out of the loop for a while. One friend I called, he smokes a ton of good nugs, said he doesn't smoke and he didn't know what I was talking about. Strange. Then he told me to buy them from the internet and I said, over the phone, that I couldn't get them. Then he hung up the phone and told one of my other friends, that he thought, I was a cop. Yesterday, another friend stopped by and told me the friend I wanted to get seeds from is working with the police and dropping dimes on dealers, not just small time mj dealers but large scale cocaine dealers. He is also buying from these people and getting them busted. So, the friend who told me the situation, also told me that when I called "NARC BOY" for seeds, the conversation might have been taped by the local police. We live in the same township and I don't know what to do??? I was going to start a grow and I've told NOBODY. However, I'm freaked out. Does anyone think the police may be watching me for whatever reason or the phone call I made to him about seeds a few months ago, which I said I couldn't get and didn't have any. I need all of the advice people can give me. Oh! one more thing. This guy working with the police is not only a freak but a paranoid delusional person and this all could be a lie!! I don't know!!!
  2. Sounds like your heated. I suggest you don't talk to that guy anymore and lay off the idea for a while, or until he disappears.
  3. i think that, if you said "narc boy" is dealing with coke dealers and what not, than just talking about seeds isnt enough for the fuzz to really go on. i would be low key and wait but not worry to much.
  4. "loose lips sink ships"
    watch who you tell about your grow man, but from the circumstances you should be fine:wave: but be careful, that innocent plant can get you that hefty sentence if convicted man
  5. If you told him you need seeds, you're essentially saying you plan to grow. So in a roundabout way, you did tell somebody about your potential future grow, but that's not even close to enough evidence for the police to do anything.
  6. No, but its enough to get the idea and begin to watch you/ dig in your trash for grow shit. I would wait, but if you are intent on starting now, just be extremely cautious. Even you do start now, your going to be extremely paranoid throughout the whole grow so I would wait until this whole ordeal fizzles down.
  7. ^^this guy knows his stuff ;)

    Legalize it
    >>Don't Criticize it<<
    And I will Advertize it

  8. Thanks Legal Eyes. I'm just trying to look out for my fellow smokers/growers, ya know?
  9. First of all I want to say "thank you" for the great response. I just walked in the door form work. I was thinking about this all day. Ya know, this "NARC" guy has been known to lie excessively about daily life situations. He is one of those guys who came from lots of family money and is the black sheep of the family. He embellishes everything and I don't think anyone trusts him. In other words, he tries to make himself look important, to the world. In reality, he is just a loser with a monthly stipend from his trust fund. How, if at all, can I get around this situation involving him and maybe the police. I stress "Maybe the police". How can I find out if this is true or not???
  10. You could kill him. But I dont think that would keep you away from the cops.. haha. Im just playin though. Like I said, unless you move, I would be very cautious.
  11. I'm wondering if there is a way to find out if the police are, in fact, using my old acquaintance as an informant. Maybe he is glorifying the whole situation, but if he's not maybe one of the people he "churped" about will take care of this and that will be the end of that??? Dig it!
  12. It is as simple as staying innocent for a period of a few months... Or just don't grow this whole year... Better to not get caught and grow next year, than get caught and spend the year in jail :\
  13. Yea, I think the growing is over. I don't want to spend a year or more in jail. Thanks All!! I'll just have to salivate over everyone else's.

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