Compressing keif!!??

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  1. So I compressed my keif I had in my grinder and I got a solid, ball of keif. Anyone else try this? It sounds like a rock when you drop it on the table and jeez does it ever get you stoned ![​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. That's basically hash dude. you could have introduced a little heat when pressing it (try a hair straightener on super low heat setting, if you have a temp gun, we're talking like no more than 130 degrees, i don't know how to get all into making real full melt but there's lots of guides on it) or pressed it with more force (try a vice grip) or get yourself a pollen press from amazon. the cheaper ones are pretty shitty, if you're crafty you can make them work, a good one will run you 60-90 bucks but basically it will press it into discs, or cylinders more like since you have so much and apply more pressure which is basically hash. also there looks to be a lot of plant material in that, think about getting a 5-layer grinder so that you have two layers of kief, one for the lower grade stuff you have there and a finer mesh underneath for catching more of the trichomes only if you're really into the kief.

    I plan on trying to rosin press (basically with a vice grip and a hair straightener and the nug inside parchment paper just squeeze the gooey waxey hash oil that's so popular these days) my kief when i have enough to see what kind of difference i get in yield

    its mostly just the trichomes (those little crystals on your weed) so yeah way less is going to get you wayy ripped. i usually save up my kief through the week and then just smoke it in a vape or on a bowl on saturday morning and it gives me a different kind of energizing high.
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  3. Pretty green. Looks like a lot of plant matter
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  4. That's what I thought too.
  5. Very little Kief. It's odd looking for sure
  6. Yeah my grinder doesn't have a very good screen so I do tend to get a lot more leaf matter the usual which sucks

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  7. Understandable. Amazon has some good prices on grinders. and honestly most of the grinders in my house are just convenience store grinders but they collect pretty decent kief. i used to have a really nice Sharpstone. American Grinders make really nice ones too. I've been wanting to get a big screen for like dry sift. so badass....check out some videos on youtube specifically the Death of BHO: Rosin Tech guys. I dont know if you dab or what you're into but its pretty intersting. I just truly discovered dabs a month or so ago and its been my new favorite way to smoke since.
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  8. That's why it looks like so much. That's just weed with a little bit of kief
  9. Yeah how big is the screen? Is like an actual mesh screen? I don't see how that much plant could get through no matter how cheap your grinder is. Like I said all of mine anymore come from the corner store and they collect pretty fine kief.
  10. Must be some pretty big holes in the screen. I would be shopping around for a new grinder [​IMG]

    That's what kief from a grinder looks like. That was off some purple buds so it's darker then usual. It can get pretty blonde in color
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  11. [​IMG] that's what the screen looks like.

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  12. Yeah those holes are huge. Look into Sharpstone or American Grinder. Or go into any local headshop and most small convenience stores and they actually fairly decent grinders. the kief from killset looks good too but that's not out of a hundred dollar grind is it?
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  13. [​IMG] nope mid priced American grinder. It grinds up just as well as any space case or Santa Cruz I've seen for half the cost. $30-40
    American Grinder
  14. Love American Grinder. Had one for many years until my parents "borrowed" it. Haven't seen it since

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