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Compressed weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KillswitchMetal, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. What does compressed weed look like? I mean the question sounds really stupid but I can't tell the difference between compressed weed and a regular nug. Can someone show pictures of both?
  2. shitty brick weed


    dank nug

  3. I would be so pissed..
  4. uhm... compressed weed is just a nug that's been pressed and left to dry. At least I believe thats what it is.
  5. yo budlover u on RIU?
  6. although brick weed isnt always shitty...sumtimes its just sum compresed mids

    but usually its shitty shwag from mexico that is REALLY seedy and lots of stems
  7. yea i just used the same user name cause im lazy
  8. where abouts do you live in norcal cannabisblunt?
  9. actually I get some bud it's called stick bud and it's probably the most flame shit ever... Dude gets like 2 diff headies usually gets grape ape and white widow and puts them in one of those freezer bag electronic sealers and the bud is like a brick and he rolls it in kief and then sells me it its so good lol
  10. bay area, near san fran
  11. cool, the first time i ever smoked was in the bay area near san fran....santa rosa i think..
  12. cool, we love our dank here :)
  13. hell yea...ohh and btw nice grow
  14. has anyone had tha shit u got 4 cheap cuz u were broke n u literally had to bang your brick of weed against a table to break it up so u could pack a bowl?

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