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Compressed pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jdawg487, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Has anyone ever seen better than mids compressed into brick form?

    Going to buy a 1/4 of compressed and its spose to be pretty nice. Just wondering what to expect. Thanks.
  2. yeah ive seen dank too but it just doesnt make the weed as attractive.
  3. Well thanks for letting me know that it is possible to get dank compressed. And im not worried about attractiveness, it doesn't make it smoke any better. :smoking:
  4. I wanted to show some pictures of an example of bricked dank.

    You can see how flat and compressed it is, this is from the vacuum sealing from Canada to NYC.

    It only takes 2-5 days to get to me, so it gets nowhere near as compressed as the mexi shit, but you can still see its flat as fuck lol.


    When it comes, it looks like a sheet of paper.

    Oh yeah P.S. those pics are of some Sugar Bear.
  5. Wow... that looks tasty... hope mine is as good as that. When I get mine, i'll take pics and post.
  6. Compressing good bud makes baby pot plants cry.
  7. I've never seen dank compressed.. Seems like a waste of bud to me...
  8. For 6 grand a pound I've seen growers flatten it like pancakes to get it to the cash! Shit right now I can get ounces of any strain being sold at the California dispensaries at cost. The only problem is the shit is shaped like a sausage by the time it gets to me! (Yes, I said a sausage.) An ounce is about the size of a Johnsonville Brat! Still smokes good though.

    Personal growers say, "No one would ever brick their hard earned weed." Commercial guys say......"Wheres the money?" IMO Much Love.
  9. Not a waste at all, once you grind it up you wouldn't even know the difference, you would never know it was compressed when smoking it.

    It def. affects bag appeal though, people will be like wtf who sat on this shit.

    But yeah, some people in canada who import pounds of marijuana, find the best results from compressing it / vacuum packaging it.
  10. Bricked ganja always tricks me. It can look sometimes look not as good as puffy buds, but when you smoke it you can't even tell a difference.
  11. yep, i've seen dank compressed like that. Usually depends on where you're weeds being shipped from.
  12. you can get weed shipped to you?
    how? aha
  13. its just gonna be denser but the smoke isnt going to be affected
  14. only brick i have seen is the mexi brick shwagg. Never seen dank weed bricked...

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