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Comprehensive Guide to Pass a Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nflames, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I know there is a post on how to pass a drug test already, however, for whatever reason I could not find it. An administrator could feel free to move this thread. I wrote this guide as a culmination of all the credible information I could find on the topic. I have been dispersing it to friends, and it has worked for them,as well as me. I feel the need to share it with all marijuana users.

    How to pass a drug test. (Comprehensive Guide)

    Ok, so there is a lot of information out there on how to pass a drug test. This is meant to be a comprehensive guide. I understand that not all of these steps need to be taken in order to test negative, however, for the very heavy smoker, or very stressed user, following this advice can almost GUARANTEE a negative result in a week or less. For me, five days.

    My research began when I finally got a call back for a very lucrative position with a very good company. I had smoked probably about 4-5 grams a week for the previous six months to one year. I figured I had some work to do, as they wanted a pre-employment drug screening.

    So a little background on me, just so people don't think I'm talking out of my ass. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Psychology, concentrated in Neuroscience. I also minored in analytical chemistry. Degree was from a very good school in the northeast. I am hoping to be enrolled in grad school within a year. (Fuck everyone who thinks all potheads are dumb or lazy; my research sponsor has a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience, smokes pot regularly, and is on the board for decriminalization in my state. If he is dumb, then why is he getting over a million dollars in federal-grant money to do neuro-research?)

    Just so everyone is aware, I am writing this guide for the chubby, chronic-smoker, who needs to pass a test in a week. Meaning, this is for a worse case scenario. For a person with an, active, healthy lifestyle, it is much easier. Also, if you do not smoke a lot of pot then it is easier as well. That being said, not all of these things need to be done in order to pass a test, however, if you want to absolutely ensure that you do, engage in as many as you can.

    So, how to pass a drug test? I split this up into sections, to make it a little easier to read, and so hopefully, you can learn a little something about how marijuana works in your body.

    A. How Marijuana acts in your body. How to get it out. (Five Days Prior to Test)

    THC is one of the hardest drugs to rid your body of. It is fat-soluble, meaning that it is stored in your fat cells. Depending on your lifestyle, it can be with you for a very long time. As it is released into your blood stream, it is metabolized. It is important to note that drug tests do not actually test for THC, they test for THC-COOH, which is the metabolite. The best course of action is to get the metabolite out of your urine, or at least knock it down to undetectable levels. There are many different ways to accomplish. It is not as hard as many make it out to be.

    a. Stop smoking as soon as you can. I know that is a terrible, annoying, tip that everyone says, but the longer you don't smoke before the test the better.

    b.For the first five days leading up to the test you want to try to metabolize as much of the THC as you possibly can. This means you have to burn fat fast, (this is great if you are trying to lose weight too, I'm not overweight, just average, but I lost ten pounds in four days without a crash diet, and I actually feel pretty dam good.) Workout, 30-60 minutes a day, at least four out of the five days. Try to do both aerobic and anaerobic workouts in order to maximize fat burn over the shortest amount of time. Also, you will need to adjust your diet. You DO NOT want to stop eating. You need your metabolism to be as quick as possible. Eat as much raw fruits and veggies as you want. Eat them often. Also eat protein in the form of seafood or eggs. There are items you want to avoid eating. This is VERY important. Eat nothing that turns to glucose in one step in the body. Meaning NO, NONE, ZIP, of wheat, rice, potatoes, sugar, junk food, greasy food. I loaded up on veggies, tuna, and eggs. If you want to try to find foods that would be good, go to one of those dieting sites and look for a glycemic index. Anything that is rated low is fine. Avoid red meat, pork, and chicken. They are too difficult to digest. The THC-COOH will just continue to turn over in your intestine. Again, for emphasis, eat raw veggies, they contain some of the compounds that I will go over later that will help clear your system. Also, everyday drink one gallon of water with six fresh lemons squeezed into it. Must be fresh; lemons contain Choline and are a natural diuretic. I'll tell you why all that is important later, but bottled lemon juice will not work. This is the step that you should try to do your best not to skip as you want to clear the metabolite out of your system as you are producing it. Try to avoid alcohol. You need your liver to be fully functional.

    c. Vitamins and compounds to take. I'll start with the ones some people may not know about and then get into the basics.

    1. Phosphatidyl Choline- This is very easy to find in a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. It is marketed as a mental stimulant because it helps produce trimethylglycine, which in turn produces S-adenosylmethionine, or SAM-e, the feel good pill. Another little advantage is that it works to clear your liver of fat-soluble toxins. It will help get the THC into your blood so you can metabolize it. I took 730 mg a day, plus there is a ton in fresh veggies and fruits (especially lemons).

    2. Zinc Sulfite- This one is a little trickier to find. Regular zinc supplements are usually in other forms, but you don't want those, you need zinc in this form. I suggest 25-50 mg, however, I could not find a recommended dosage for the purpose of cleansing. This is just the daily-recommended dose for supplementation. I found one bottle at Vitamin Shoppe, but it was pricey, so I opted against. Multi-vitamins have it in this form sometimes; you will have to read the label. For a little background, the majority of THC-COOH leaves your body through feces, not urine. Your body reuses bile, the stuff that helps your large intestine process food. It reabsorbs it, and often takes the THC metabolite with it, meaning it does not leave your system. Zinc sulfite supposedly binds to the metabolite, making the compound to big to be absorbed. This means it can exit your body. I say supposedly because this was an experimental study done on rats, but hey, they test all kinds of pharmaceuticals on rats first anyway, so it should work.

    3. B-Complex – This is important. It will serve several purposes. B2, B6, and B12 all serve to assist your metabolism. The faster it works, the more THC your body can process. Also, B vitamins are a little funny in that they work together. If you take to much of one with out the rest, your body will flush them. This is why many consider Niacin a myth. 1-2 Daily.

    3a. Quick Release Niacin – Niacin, some will swear by it, others consider it a myth. If you understand how it woks, hen you will understand how it helps you flush THC. First of all, you need the quick release. This is the stuff that makes you turn red and itchy. Not to worry, it only lasts about 20 minutes. There are other such as no-flush and niacinimide. These will not work. If you don't turn red and itchy then either you got the wrong stuff, or your not taking enough. Also, it is a B vitamin, so if you are not taking the B-Complex then you will not be getting the full effect. The reason that Niacin does work is because it acts as a vasodilator. It increases blood flow, especially in the capillaries, which will allow the fat cells in your body to secrete toxins at a faster pace. It also allows THC to pass quicker through the body, increasing the rate of metabolism. I took 250-500 mg daily. I don't recommend taking more then 3 grams in one day, as niacin can be potentially dangerous in large doses.

    4. Good Multivitamin – This one is simple. It will cover anything you are missing in your new diet. The better your body functions, the better shape you are in. Also, multivitamins contain many of the aforementioned things, except niacin. You should not substitute the actual supplements for the multivitamin. Zinc Sulfite can be found in suitable quantity from a multi.

    B. 48 Hours Prior to the Test. Pay Attention

    If you have been doing all the steps up till this point you should have processed much of the THC in you body, however, there may still be some present. If there is, now is the time to lock it up in your fat. If it does not get in your blood, it cannot be metabolized, and therefore, cannot end up in your urine.

    1. Stop working out. Be lazy. Go ahead, you deserve it.
    2. Stop taking niacin. You don't want anymore THC secreting out of your fat cells.
    3. Continue taking all the other supplements, including the lemon water.
    4. Continue eating healthy. Make sure you add grapes to your snack list as they are an excellent diuretic, and will help you flush the remaining metabolite from your kidneys and blood.

    C. Day of test. Most important.

    This is possibly the most important part of this guide. Following these steps the day of the test will ensure that if any THC-COOH remains in your system, it will be undetectable.Schedule your test in the afternoon. If this is not possible then you will have to wake up early in order to ensure that you have time to complete all steps.

    1. When you wake up, do not eat anything right away. If you are very hungry, go with grapes. Immediately start drinking your lemon water. You do not have to drink all of it, but you should try to finish at least half. This should ensure that you will urinate several times before the test, thus flushing your system.
    2. When you have finished drinking, and are sure that you no longer have to pee, eat a healthy breakfast. Whatever you want. Make sure you have lots of protein though, maybe three to four eggs, or a protein bar. You want to ensure that your creatine levels are high so that they do not think you are trying to flush. Also, at this stage double on your B-Complex. This will help color your urine yellow so it does not look suspicious.
    3. One hour before the test, take 1000 mg of aspirin. This is the equivalent to two extra strength pills. Acetylsalicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in aspirin plays a large role on a variety of carboxyl acids that occur within the body. This may be a part of why it is thought to mask the metabolite in urine tests. I am still researching this, and cannot attest to how effective taking the aspirin is. My organic chemistry is a little rusty, so maybe someone with more knowledge in this area can look at the chemical structure of the metabolite and the aspirin, and determine how, if they do, interact. Note to this person, there are many stages of THC-COOH production and many effects of aspirin in the body that must be taken into account. I am still wading through it, but I would love to have someone who could help.
    4. One half hour before the test, drink two bottles of water. You cannot urinate now until the test.
    5. When you take the test, make sure that you pee a little first, and then start filling the tube about halfway through.

    And there you go. Wait for your negative test results.
  2. Im giving this a try. at the moment its my first day, and i drank a whole gallon of lemon water. Also sweated it out in a sweatshirt on the treadmill for 30min and did free weights + abs for about 15min. Now i was wondering about my multivitamin it has 4mg B6 and 12mcg B12, should i try to find one with higher mgs? Also could i take the creatine muscle supplement to make the deluted urine less suspicious?
  3. You need to read the comprehensive guide on how to use the scearch button, been done son.
  4. so much bad info..
  5. I wouldn't only go with this guys advice, but it seems legit and very similar to posts on other sites.. what info is bad?
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    what good is comprehensiveness if it's barely readable?

    or what good is this thread if there's already a better one?

    anyone have some graham crackers?
  7. Damn, here I am bringing up old threads, but everyone that commented on this is being a straight up 8==3. This is actually one of, if not the most helpful DT threads I've seen on GC.
  8. Very helpful, its the easiest DT thread to follow I've found on here so far. Stop hating, haters. I like the section on taking the vitamins and niacin particularly, most "How to pass a drug test" threads say little to nothing of it, and dont elaborate on the niacin part. This should be pinned.
  9. comprehensive guide to passing a drug test - DON'T FUCKING DO DRUGS IF YOU EVEN THINK YOU MAY GET TESTED. it just aint worth the risk
  10. I bet the op feels like an ass after all these hateful comments lol.
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    1. This Thread essentially "reinvents-the-wheel" on how to pass a UT. Both my numerous other posts as well as posts by others have already exhaustively cited the key issues germane to successfully passing a UT.

    2. However, it is laudable in that it offers a thorough explanation of the physiological aspects involved at each step in the "detox" strategem. I especially liked the author's emphasis on the role of vitamins in accelerating detox--and cosmetically coloring the urine. However, one should be cautious of encountering "hyper-vitaminosis" in this regard.--the author does not seem to be aware of this health concern danger.

    3. By suggesting that one can pass a UT after only five days--after being a chronic user of MJ is simply erroneous and has great potential to misguide novice/apprentice blades who are confronted with having to pass a UT. THC is strongly adsorbed into your pulmonary, skeletal muscle, adipose, and nervous system tissue and therefore difficult to purge without extraneous detoxc measures that I've documented in my previous posts.

    4. Overall, the post added to the body of knowledge for natural detox; I look fwd to reading future posts.
  12. Thanks so much for the thorough guide.
    Using essentially the method you described I tested negative on a home test 6 days after last toking.

    I smoke regularly, and am a 195lb 6' athletic male.
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    First off, I just want to point out that there is a major difference between sulfate and sulfite. You should make sure when preaching chemistry to use the proper names of chemicals. I doubt anyone would want to be taking any zinc sulfites unless three conditions are met. 1)the person is stupid or suicidal 2) they are in a cult and being told to drink "kool-aid" 3) the cult leader is extremely and deeply disturbed and intends to preserve their lifeless bodies.

    Zinc Sulfite

    Zinc Sulfite
    Detailed information:
    M Formula:\tZnSO3•2H2O

    White, crystalline powder. Absorbs oxygen from the air to form sulfate. Loses 2H2O at 100C; decomposes at 200C. Soluble in sulfurous acid; insoluble in cold water and alcohol; decomposes in hot water.

    Action of sulfurous acid on zinc hydroxide.

    Preservative for anatomical specimens.

    I guess there is a fourth and far more serious condition that can be met by itself for taking sulfites. Bad information from you.


    Zinc Sulfate -

  14. I love it how every negative post in this thread that suggests there are better threads on here fail to post a link to said threads. Just saying that would be helpful :)
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    I know this is an old thread, but still felt the need to say thanks. Erowid and Wikipedia say similar things, so I'm confident that this info is good.

    I learned today that I've got a pre-court urine test in 9 days. I haven't smoked for 2 days, and only a little then, so with a little luck I might get away with it.
    Mine will be a THC metabolite level test, where the exact level will be reported, rather than a simple 'positive' or 'negative'.

    I claimed that I haven't smoked for about 5 weeks, so I know I'll be caught out to a degree, but if I follow these guides my level will (hopefully) be low enough to get by. (I'll admit to a smoke a few weeks ago, but nothing since.)

    Luckily, too, I'm really skinny, which apparently helps, and any fat I add now won't contain THC.

    The court case is for cultivation, posession of 1.25 kilos, mostly leaf with only 2oz of heads, a little hash oil and smoking. Fingers crossed.....

    Off to eat lots of calories, exercise, sweat heaps and drink gallons of tea for 9 days.
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  17. I like the post, it's simple and easy to understand.

    Almost all the supplements are easy to find and not that expensive.

    I'm only confused about the zinc sulfite.
    Was this a typo and supposed to be zinc sulfate?
    I can't find any supplements from any retailer that contains zinc sulfite, but a ton with zinc sulfate.
    I have no chemistry background, so I don't know the difference between sulfite and sulfate.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  18. I think he meant zinc sulfide, but I read in backyard bandit's post above that he should have said zinc sulfate, and that zinc sulfide may be poisonous. A search on zinc sulfite yields no results except suggestions of zinc sulfide.

    Personally, I'd go with the sulfate, to be safe, but according to Wikipedia, even it's only safe in trace amounts, so don't ingest large amounts.

    Zinc sulfide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Zinc sulfate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Personally, I didn't worry about any form of zinc and just stuck to the other parts of the advice that were recommended by multiple sources.

    My urine test has been postponed until Saturday morning, and I'm getting a 1 week court adjournment until Monday week. Fingers are still crossed, and I'm looking forward to a decent smoke after court, unless piss tests are ongoing. Hope they aren't.

    Here's another page worth reading too:
  19. Exactly. Just a bunch of high horse fucks complaining.Even the official DT thread is full of bad info. GC has fallen quite a bit.
  20. Reading all of these jerks on here makes me very sad. Gc used to be fun...

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