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Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by xxkmanxx, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. for real :) how hard is it to make? how long does it usually take?

    *sorry for the late responce, ive been on vacation :)
  2. so anyone know?
  3. i have one we have one for normal gardening its actually just a pile where we throw like branches and sometimes like egg shells and all that kind of stuff and it has really built up over the years it also depends if your going to do it on the ground or in one of those boxes if you do do it on the ground it depends on how much stuff you put in it and how good the dirt was before
  4. is this how u make compost:

    you add the compost contents (branches, grass, leaves, etc..) and then add soil and then, u add water and stir it every day or 2, right?

  5. you don't need to add anything.. except things like branches, dead leaves, twigs, weeds from your garden etc.. just let nature do the work.. mine is ready after 2 and a half good years of breaking down..
  6. for real? how long does it usually take to happen?
  7. It varies due to size difference of the piles.. mine was a 6ft by 5 ft plywood box that my dad and I filled with garden weeds, mowed grass, and leaves we raked up.. it was ready in about 2 years.. we just let nature take care of it.. and you wanna use the stuff on the bottom of the pile.. then fill back up.. :)
  8. phunkyworld:
    look at this siteHow Stuff Works: Composting, it says composting requires Waste, Soil, Water, and Air for composting. Mabyee it works without it, but takes longer or something?
  9. u can get a compost alot faster than 2.5 years.

    45days if u keep it watered and sturred.

    i ate a ham and some hot apple cider that was cooked over 24 hours in a compost pile. it was about 145 degrees on the inside and about 30 outs side. they need to cook to keep the bugs going.

    "is this how u make compost:

    you add the compost contents (branches, grass, leaves, etc..) and then add soil and then, u add water and stir it every day or 2, right?"
    this is how u do it...maybe not every day but turn it pretty regular.

    and the secret ingredent to really get ur compost pile going?

    compost needs lots of N and there is plenty of wet N in piss.

    so here is the plan...get a bin about 4x4x4 full of green and brown dead plants. throw a bit of soil on it every day and water and piss on it, then turn it a bit and in about 45days...ull have some 'BLACK GOLD"

  10. I really need some confirmation on this man. I am going to start this tomorrow if it is beneficial.
    2003 post hope it gets seen
  11. Backyard Composting
    A bit more recent thread..
    Vermicomposting (Make your own Worm Castings)
    Get your worm farm started now..

    Until your own compost is ready ecoscraps from Home Depot will do
    Fair quality at a reasonable cost..

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