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  1. Hi all, new here to the forums (as far as posting goes) but I'll cut right to the chase: I began composting this year and have been pretty successful thus far in terms of my pile heating up and breaking down, though it's still not quite ready just yet. My latest grows have been mostly organic; I've been giving different soil recipes a try to find which one suits me best, but I have yet to inject compost into the equation. My question is: would adding ingredients such as bone meal, blood meal, or kelp, benefit my compost any in terms of potency? Or would I just be setting it's breakdown time back with no added , or even ruining it, by tossing these materials in? This is basically just to kill my curiosity, haven't been able to find any info directly answering this so any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Any amendments that you might want to add to your compost to benefit it's "potency" should be added AFTER the pile has cooled down to the mesophilic stage.  The majority of nutrient value/biochemical benefits of soil amendments will be lost during the thermophilic stage.
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  3. ^^Everything he said :hello:
  4. We had a great big compost pile while I was growing up, we threw all kinds of organic thing on it, minus meat products. I never got real into the chemical aspect of it, but I know when I went and dug it and turned the soil a lot it seemed to help break down faster. Was always digging in it looking for grub worms and earth worms to feed the free range chickens we had

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