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  1. Do compost tea work well for flowering plants. Or are they better for veg. I am using the last of my three part advance. They say it's cheaper to brew your own tea but how effective is it plz help
  2. If you're using synthetic nutes, it's not very helpful. It's strictly a microbial inoculant and can be applied at any time, but it's best suited for organic soil amendments.
  3. I use the shit out of tea as much as I can, throughout growth...Havent this year as much, but thats my normal trick for huge growth...Using Chem nutes this year, so ive been using store bought mychorrizae periodically, if u want a good one for flowering, I use Piranha from advanced nutes. Too expensive, but...yknow how it is. Go to for some great info on why tea works, and brewers/inputs, their shit is $$$$ but its top o the line. U can make a brewer from plans alot cheaper and buy ur own kelp/microbes/molasses/other inputs that work quite well. I know guys out here that grow Fire strictly from tea brewed from different recipes/inputs for veg/flower... Research time!
  4. I was told pirhana works bomb. I have 18 in 80 gallon smart pots to I would need like a bottles worth every time I feed. I was going to buy a home brew system an start making my own.
  5. Pirahna goes further than u think, very small application rates. I wish i had the package handy, its out at my grow but 1 pouch served my 8 girls says to use it 2 times in flower? i think? but I used it in veg midway through and just last week, anticipating flowering....all gone now..
  6. What size r your pots or holes
  7. Ive got 2 in containers, a 15gal and a bigass rubbermaid tub(25gal?)... also 2 in each of my 3 big holes, all about 3ftx4ftx3.5ftdeep... My soil was already full of microbes(Roots Organics/Foxfarm Ocean Forest/Master Nursery Organic and some hot, hot compost from a 30yr old compost heap w/20% perlite) so I didnt have to go too heavy w/pirahna....

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