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  1. Anyone got a step by step for their own compost tea? I have access to fresh cow shit and figured I'd make good use of it.

    What else should I use for the compost... how long to sit, basically... something very detailed.

  2. I use moose shit
  3. First of all, don't ever use manures or guanos in your compost tea. They can be pathogenic and toxic. You need compost or earthworm castings, or a blend of both, to make good compost tea. The use of guanos in aerated compost tea is entirely a concoction of the cannabis community - you will almost never see farmers or anyone else in the Ag industry using them in that manner. If you want to learn more check out the Soil Food Web Inc website, it is a good place to start:

    Soil Foodweb
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    I've grown with bat guano and assorted manures continuously for more than 14 years and in my book they are the only way to fly.Farmers for millions of centurys everywhere have used it.My Dad ,his dad and his dad used it and The reason the Ag industry doesn't use it is because they raise food for billions of people .They need a fast ,efficient ,and economical way to get the job done so they use Anhydrous ammonia ,Ammonium nitrate ,and other toxic poisons including Nicotine Sulphate for an insecticide

    When you go with Good Quality Manure you supply all kinds of good stuff to your plants like Nitrogen ,Potassium ,Phosphorus And all kinds of other micro nutrients.

    First Know thy Poo .Was the cattle that produced this manure on steirods or wormers,or other meds.If so I,d seek more natural pastures.

    If it is fresh ,Putting it in your tea might nitrogen burn your plants. Personal I'd compost it first. I use Moose Manure just because I live in Alaska and It's kinda out there.I have made my own compost and tea for ages and Its not too hard.

    Here's what you can try get a tarp .Something like an 8x10 will be more than sufficient.
    Rubbermaid trash can or similar tub or container
    1 5 gallon bucket
    some wood chips (medium to medium large size for good aeration)
    Vegetable or Grain Kitchen Waste ( no meat or Dairy )
    Dead leaves if you have them
    Potting Soil,Coconut fiber ( I use this),Peat moss,or regular ol Ground dirt from right where your crop is going to be.

    I use a product called Humboldt Mico Madness but its not necessary.If you don't choose to use it or don't have access to commercial grow products.
    What this does is start the good bacterias and fungus going and speeds up decomposition and gets your compost going.
    Drill 150 or so 1 inch holes into trash can for air.
    Put into the 30 gallon garbage can the following
    1 bucket of wood chips
    1 bucket of vegetable waste ( even harvested dead plants)
    2 buckets of potting mix,coir,peat moss or dirt
    3/4 bucket of water mixed with Manure(mixed until dissolved completely)
    5 tblsp unsulpherd mollases

    To Mix dump onto tarp and use edges of tarp to roll the mix back and forth until thoroughly blended. then return to trash can and let sit for 3 days and mix on tarp again .Do this every 3 days for 2 weeks.

    For The Compost tea I use a trash can with an aquarium air pump bubbling 24/7
    You can use any size container that fits your needs.I use a 10 gallon trash can.

    Fill it to within 8 inches of the top with clean water put your compost into a Cloth bag .( Nylon bag,Panty hose,Sock,And old T shirt)

    Put a couple shovels of compost into bag and tie to a cord and hang halfway down container and let aerate with air pump for at least 4 days stirring once a day.

    I water with this stuff at at least every other watering sometimes every time.
  5. My Current compost Recipe
    Kitchen Waste pureed in food processor
    Moose Manure
    Mexican Bat Guano
    Peruvian Seabird Guano
    Indonesian Bat Guano
    coconut Coir
    wood chips
    Humboldt Mico Madness
    Humboldt Myan Microzyme.

    This stuff breaks down really quick ,I use it after about 10 days I bag it and make tea as above. Then I mix whats left in the bag with my potting soil.

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