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  1. It's nice, but if feels like you either scaled it down from a larger size photo or that the lens you are using gets atmospheric distortions really easily or had grease on it.

    I like the composition. Personally, I would've taken a few steps to the left to 'push' the girl slightly more to the right of the frame to sort of 'squeeze' the two subjects together.

    Great Idea!

    I love compositions that have great balance by using two things on either side of the frame to parallel each other.
  2. yeah i did scale it, had to, otherwise it would have been one of those pics that are huge and take years to appear on your screen and you have to scroll like hell...

    "...Personally, I would've taken a few steps to the left to 'push' the girl slightly more to the right of the frame..." no offense but you are by any chance obsessive? :smoke:
  3. Crop it... it will look so much better rectangular going up and down. i'd cut it where that thing is point out from the middle of the boat
  4. i disagree, if cropped right up to the guys pole and girls feet, the effect would, at the very least, become constricted looking...
  5. Actually if you cropped it straight up and down halfway the boat it would look really nice. Having a subject touch an edge is a good way to make the picture more dynamic.
  6. i see what youre saying, so you think the kid should completely exit the picture, just leave the boat....this is what cool about all this art stuff...complete freedom, love it...:smoke:
  7. No the kid should stay. That little bump in the middle of the boat. If everything were cropped to the right of it.
  8. to the right from here?

  9. Yes I like how that looks in my head.
  10. so do i....and it turned out quite nice as well...*passes the joint*...:smoke:

  11. Damn I'll take that joint looks as good as I imagined.
  12. thank you...
  13. The issue I have with the photo is that I don't see the relationship of the girl to the man in the boat...

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