compliment your man's dick.

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  1. i may have some self esteem issues, and maybe this is why i think this way, but girls you have to compliment your man's dick the first time you see it.
    i hooked up with a girl the other night and when i pulled out my dick her expression never changed at all and she didn't say a word. i'm not gonna lie i was just a little hurt.
    you need to throw a compliment out about a dudes dick the first time you see it. it's something that will make your man happy and probably want to fuck you a lot better. it doesn't even have to be a big compliment, you could seriously just say nice dick, or smile when you see it or anything. don't just sit there and do absolutely nothing though. i know it's just another dick and nothing special, but it means a lot if you act like it's something special. i mean i try and make you feel special why can't you return the favor?
    also i know that i personally will try a lot harder to make the girl happy if she makes me happy instead of just trying to get off.

    end of rant. sorry if it's kind of discombobulated i am pretty sick right now and a little out of it.
  2. I would not expect a one night stand to compliment me on my dick until after the've got to put it to work before you can get any +rep for your cock...

  3. Do you want a side salad with that as well?
  4. What if you don't have a nice dick? You want them to lie?
  5. wisdom^

    you cant expect to sell a car if they dont take a test drive.

    but you cant just be like hey look at my dick. then expect her to swoon at the sight of the thing.

    guys that do that arent always the ladies man they think they are. do youself the favor and not do that again. chicks arent into the whole macho thing like that these days. they need to be warmed up. your foreplay may be like 10 minutes of rubbing and groping and making out, followed by 10-15 minutes of actual sex.

    but foreplay for girls starts way before you even meet up for the date.

    you gotta send her nice texts like i cant wait to see you. you gotta dress nice, you gotta talk smooth but not sexually, pay attention to her and talk to her about things she likes to talk about. then take her someplace she will remember. then when things are connecting well then she will be more opoen to seeing your cock. but you dont whip it out. you gotta be slow yet firm about your desire.

    you will get more points for all that effort regardless of your penis.
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    don't take this the wrong way, i'm not asking her to bow down and worship it or anything like that, just a little recognition. i go out of my way to make the ladies i'm with feel special, and it would be nice if they could at least throw a smile at me when they see my dick. i don't expect her to be like OMG THAT'S THE BEST DICK I'VE EVER SEEN! i just want her to at least act happy when she sees it.

    just as a side note. i had already made her cum once before i even pulled my dick out, so it's not like i hadn't done anything for her yet.

    no i don't want or expect a girl to lie, but i am sure she could come up with at least 1 small nice thing to say for just about any dudes dick or balls. of course there may be some exceptions.
  7. LOL

    If a girl said to me, ''Nice dick.'' when i whipped it out id probably be pretty put off.

    I dont say, ''Nice vag.''

    Weird shit, man.
  8. i know what you are saying man. its unfortunate that some chicks arent really that impressed by things like that.

    i met this chick who was my best friends girlfriends friend. she ended up chilling at my house a bunch of times and we would talk and all and she was off and on with this one guy who was a total loser. one of those shut in WOW players who wastes so much of his time on that when he should be paying attention to her.

    i tell her that i will give her the attention and love that she deserves. and she was down for it, then one night we get to making out and things are slowly progressing. (my girlfriend is in bed with us too by the way) and im loving on her and all that. pulling out all the stops. and she tells me she likes it rough but then when i get more physical, she is like ouch.

    i slow down and she says harder, i go harder and she goes ouch stop. im like what the fuck do you want?

    so i pull off the rubber, she didnt know but who gives a shit she was already pregnant. i was totally into it but she wasnt doing anything at all. just like litterally laying there and making me do all the work.

    so im like fuck this and i finished on my own woman.

    but then i sat and thought about it and maybe it was just that she wasnt mentally attracted to me. like she was attracted to me, and i did all the right things. but she just wasnt into the fact that i was still with this other chick at the time.

    so even if you have the most bad ass cock like i do and be able to use it 110% of its potential like i do, then she still may not be into it cuz of somethings she is hung up on.

  9. Wordd.
  10. and magic man, your sig is way too big. you should check the rules.

    just thought i would point that out.
  11. Uhh.. thanks?
  12. lmfao
  13. This thread is really out there.

    I've never expected a girl to compliment me on my cock. That just seems really weird. Am I supposed to be like "hey baby, you've got the most beautiful pussy in the world?"

    That just seems weird to me. Sounds like you have self esteem issues for sure.
  14. haha truth.
  15. i said in my first post that i probably have some self esteem issues, but the first time a girl shows you her tits, do you get excited or compliment them? or do you just act like absolutely nothing happened and keep doing whatever your doing. i always make a point to say something nice, because it makes the girl feel good. i do my best to please her, i am not expecting a lot here. just a little recognition. i really don't think it's that crazy lol.
    maybe we can get some girls commenting on this. do you usually say something nice? or do you think this is weird?
  16. I wouldn't say, ''Nice jugs.'' either.
  17. i think you guys are misunderstanding... it doesn't even have to be verbal. the first time i see a girls boobs, i almost always smile. i don't just sit there and act like i am watching C-span. i'm not asking for girls to verbally say something (although it's always nice when they do), but i do expect some small reaction is all.
  18. I would smile. I still smile when my wife takes off her bra. I would NEVER say something like "nice tits" or "nice boobs" because I think that is cheap and tacky.

    But I also think it's cheap and tacky for a girl to compliment the size of my dick. I'm not into all the "oooooh papi you've got such a big dick" kind of sex talk. Not my dice.

    If a girl wants to smile at my cock then fine, but I wouldn't ever expect some sort of compliment, and I wouldn't ever be upset if she didn't.
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    I gotchu OP. I know what you're saying. It's just seeing someone's eyes light up the first time they see what you're working with that's really encouraging. But you shouldn't feel bad if they don't I suppose.
  20. LOL what do u reply to a girl saying "Nice Dick."

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