completly depressed and need help

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    k guys/gals please bare with me

    ok i have been depressed for so long that i cant even rember but just recently it has gotten worse

    i feel like my mind is traped in a forest and all the trees are my problems and shit that i have started but have yet to complete i just recently started takin me ged course and idk how the fuck i am gonna get threw it.......i am just so sick of this life its not even funny i am not suicidal its just damn every tree that i do finaly hack down another pops up in its place and it is starting to over welm me i am a dissopointment to my family (mainly cause i toke but whateve) my mom is disopointed that i droped out (droped out in 9th grade) idk i am just gettin sick of all this bullshit i would reather be asleep anymore i hate sports i hate people i hate everything to do with life it is just so pointless i have no motovation to even try anymore
    everything i loved to do just seems pointless and a waste of time and space lost my sex drive lost everything
    i see a thearipist but damn dude all they do is push pills

    idk i just need some help i am traped in my own mind and cant get out i cant even expllaine fully how this feels this is about the best i can explaine it idk

    just sick of my life sick of everything around me sick of being a dissopointment and honestly if i died tomarrow i wouldnt give to shits

    any ideas????? agian i am not suicdal just sick an tired of life i am 18 an this shits been goin on for as long as i can remmber
  2. when shit gets rough for me I try to change my perspective. Is it possible to think of life not as a tragedy, but as a sick and twisted comedy?

    lastly, you use the forest as a metaphor- do you live near an actual forest? I believe that the wilderness (the forest especially) can be a curative place. It might help to go chill in nature for a while and try to clear your mind.

    by the way, how much weed do you smoke?
  3. yea i do live near the mountians an i should go an chill there for a while (got no car tho sadly lol)

    and when i do get weed i am a really really heavy smoker smoke all day everyday till it is gone (just recently ran out)
  4. Besides seeing a therapist-have you seen a primary care physician for a complete physical?:confused: really complete, not just a few tests...
    Horomone levels, everything?
  5. yup have and they all come back normal
  6. it sounds like you have anxiety issues. i know pills aren't the coolest thing, but sometimes all it takes is just a few months of anti depressants and therapy to get your life back on track.
  7. on pills for bolth =] been on em since i was 13 i think they are just a placebo affect tho
  8. this won't be a popular answer here but... smoking too much weed is an easy way to get depressed.

    I was dealing with severe depression for two years and I took a 7 month sobriety break and within 3 months my depression was gone.

    just sayin.
  9. have you talked to your doc about changing dosages or changing prescriptions? it's possible that your body is used to your meds.
  10. naw man i belive you there completly agree
  11. this is just the form the beast takes.

    marijuana is healing but it is a substance, and any substance that can be abused is abused and then the beasts are born.

    just the way i see it, that's why i can't smoke everyday all day.
  12. I will agree. sometimes it just burns you out.
  13. Any symptoms besides depression and loss of sex drive?
    Are you taking omega 3's?
  14. ive been there and sometimes go back trust me its something that never totally fixxes itself [depression]. The key for me is to find something to keep myself busy. something to keep my mind of the "trees" that cloud my mind everyday. I face the "trees" i need to on a daily basis and ignore the rest. i do not ignore my problems in the least but you have to deal with them one at a time and be honest with your. Being honest with yourself is the only way your going to get any better. You will understand what i mean about being honest to yourself the day that you start being honest with yourself. think about it
  15. yup =] messed up heart = very few pills to chose from an i have been threw the hole list

  16. Desipramine, right? That is what killed Nick Drake, be carefull with that stuff.
  17. loss of my sex drive
    anxeity attacks
    loss of intrest in favorit activitys imo video games an stuff of that nature
    loss of apetite
    loss of perty much everything

    an not sure lol i dont even know wtf omega 3s are

  18. might be =] not sure i have a tackecardia (ireagiar hart beat) my heart can speed up to 202 beats per minute (very very bad) i have a valve problem leaks blood i have a hole in my heart and a bunch more lol cant even rember half of em
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    Omega 3's are Fish oil or DHA, they help some depressed people with neuro function. They are available by prescription or over the counter.

    Many therapists who have a more holistic view prescribe them.

    Do they know the underlying cause of your heart condition? Many cardiac problem can cause depressive symptoms. Are you on a med for the tachycardia?
  20. will have to give that a look thanks man

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