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Completey Spaced Out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CREATOR63420, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Man ive been smokin everyday for the past year, then i stopped for like a week and a half. I just smoked a bowl of nuggs in my bong and i am so ripped. Everytime i move my body tingles...its so weird
  2. probley cus your tolerance went down a little when you stopped smoking for a week and 1/2... have fun being blazed..!!
  3. Ya, tolerance sucks. I'm taking a break right now actually. (mostly because I'm broke and have no weed :) )
  4. lol, that tolerance is a bitch. sounds like you're having a good time though :)

    i got all stoned and drunk lastnight. it was fun. first time doing both together. :D

  5. How'd you like it together Cottons? I've tried mixing several times and once or twice I hit on the perfect combination of drinking and smoking and it was wonderful. But most of the time I get too much of one or the other and it just sucks. I think I'd rather just smoke and forget about the alcohol.
  6. it was OK... i don't really like being drunk, so i probably shoulda drank a little less. i threw up twice, but felt much better afterwards, LOL. i'd do it again... but with less alchohol.
  7. yea man usually i can take a couple puffs and be good. but i have smoked every night for like the past week and now i have to smoke like two bowls to get high. so i am gonna take a five day break, and save up my money to get some really good chronic and the family guy dvd when it comes out.

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