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  1. This is a post that is combined from several different posts by myself on another forum and I want to share it but I don't want to have to rewrite anything because I'm tired.

    1: I've just recently moved into a new house and have found the perfect place to grow that has lots of room, plenty space to vent (hopefully), and is completely undetectable!
    Along my wall in my bedroom I have a wall of closets, however there's a space that isn't a door and there's no way to get in but there's a wooden panel over it. So I took a screw driver to it and pried it off and found the most amazing space behind it. And area bout 14-15 inches wide, by over 9 feet tall!
    My plan is to put hinges on it and add some sort of mechanism that prevents it from being opened accidentally so that if someone tries to open it it wont. I'll put some shelves in and give a good vacuuming and paint job, install the lights and vents and voila, my very own grow room.
    I only have one problem and that's the electricity. But about 5 feet in front of the closet is a wall with an outlet and I'll just run an extension cord hidden under a floor rug.

    2: Unfortunately this house is an entirely concrete house and above this room its just the roof which is just a flat open floor. And now that I think about there's no good way I can think of to vent it so I think I may build a carbon filter and vent air from the higher cabinets into this are and out through the filter into another cabinet. That should control the smell enough.

    3: I plan on using cfls for this and having this area split into 2 main areas. One for clones and vegetative and one for flowering. Its about 2 feet deep so plenty of room and I'm going to suck clean air from the higher cabinet and blow filtered air into another higher cabinet. Do you think that a carbon filter will keep it orderless?

    4: Does everyone agree that this schedule is right. I'm really obsessive when it comes to planning things out. And do you think I could fit 6 mature ready to harvest plants on one shelve.

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  2. Im not real sure about the 6 plants thing but this shit looks great! no one would suspect it!
    Good Job, i'll be keeping an eye on this thread ;)
    +rep its SO stealth lol

    The Duck.
  3. Cant answer any of the questions, but the setup looks potentially epic. Good luck man.

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