Completely new to growing! Box setup and more.

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  1. Hello GC! After weeks of thinking about it I broke down and built a computer grow box.. I quickly out grew it with 5 saplings and moved to a grow cabinet.

    I'll have more photos when I get home because I'm at work right now.

    Here is the cabinet before I began working on it.. The issue is simple! Damn thing gets hot as fuck! The ventilation is far from finished but right now I have 4 2" holes on the bottom, and three 2" holes on the back.

    I need more holes, and they need to be larger.. That's next, I have a fan on the bottom and one near the top hanging from the lower section pushing air out via the exhaust holes on the back. The fans are those high cfm shop fans, they move a lot of air.

    My light fixture hangs from adjustable chains from the middle dividing point and has about 250 actual Watts of 6500 cfl bare minimumness.

    I'd like to make this a veg/flower box while maintaining temps and keeping it completely light sealed. I put weather stripping around the front, and caulk around the sides, I still have light leaks but ill fix that when the ventilation isn't totally horrid.

    The plants are bagseed, but it came from a great batch of white widow! Hard to say how they will turn out.. I'll post pics tonight, they are about 6 days old and are growing great despite my negligence. One of the larger ones did get a bit burned though.

    Anyway a lot more to come, any advice for this cabinet, or ideas, would be amazing!

    For what it is worth the grow has only cost about 40 dollars, picked up the cabinet for 20$ at goodwill.


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  2. Pics of the cabinet before I started changing things:

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