Completely New, i know a little bit, but i got some questions.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by llockhart86, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. So, I'm planning on setting up a grow room for personal use and I had some questions.

    I'm planning on growing in a grow box that im going to make. What should I use for the walls inside, just white paint..or is there something better to use?

    Nextly, I dont have money for a hydroponic system, at least I dont think, Im assuming its quite a bit of money, So, instead, im just going to grow the plants under lights and thats it. What would be the best lights to use for 10 plants?

    And another question. I was going to buy some seeds for some good buds...I wanted white widow. If I dont have a hydroponic system going, will the white widow be garbage...or will it still taste and smell good and have the high its supposed to have?

    Is there anythings i should know before I start growing? Like, the real important stuff.
  2. wow... well first I would say to read more through posts on various boards. That would answer all your questions really.

    But to help some..

    White paint is ok.. however.. you can create hotspots with it.. so really its not the best reflective out there. Mylar is best.. I believe about a 95% reflective rate.. and costs.. Mmmm $20.00 for a lot of it. So probably $5 - $10 would give you what you need. (prices vary according to country you live in).

    Light... that depends on the type of plant.. and how high it will grow I think.
    I would say.. atleast a 600wtt HPS. But if your growing sativas.. they can get tall so maybe a 1000watt. I cannot recall what white widow is.. right now.. sativa? indica?

    I would say your most important.. is a fan and charcoal filter. Especially with 10 plants. THey can get reallly smelly when they bloom. So if your not out in the boones.. where you don't have to worry about people. The no problem. But if your in a subdivision or rural area. Get a filter.. or all your neighbors down the road might smell it.

    Hope that helps some.
  3. Hey your sayin if my neighbors are close they would smell a 1000WHPS with like 12 plant grow??sh*T haa..might have do something..
  4. If you are real handy you can make a hydroponics setup for 4-8 plants out of (among other things), a 5 gallon bucket, some sprinkler hardware, a small $30 water pump, a timer, and a big square piece of PVC for under 100 bucks. Just go to your local Hydroponics shop and get a pamphlet and use the pictures as a guide.

    But, even though I built one I still grow in soil.......

    As to the potency question ..... you can grow life changeing bud without hydroponics. Weed started out growing in soil right? As far as taste and type of high, (as long as you have a healthy plant) those attributes are largly impacted by time of harvest and method of cureing. As for real important stuff, relax, enjoy the process, experiment and find out what is best for you!
  5. What is a good seed to grow indoors, good yeild and good taste..nice high, but not couch lock. a little under couch lock. ha.
  6. OK youre gonna be able to controll the "couch lock" of all the bud you grow if you read up .... harvest when your tricombs are the shade you preferr for different effects...
    and if you can find a fish tank set up ... even a 10 gallon set up with an air pump a few air stones and some gravel you can grow hydro style ... or get a rubbermaid , some airstones an air pump n some plastic cups tu punch holes in ....
    yeah just do a little more research.... n how the hell do you smell a 1000 light lol....... oh the grass......


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