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  1. I got my first DUi last night, I owe the bank several hundred, and my dad just kicked me out of the house. I am completely fucked.
  2. But, I had a big nug in my sweatshirt pocket and an open bottle of rum under the seat that they didn't find in their search. They took 4 pipes though, and my rifle.
  3. That's what you get for driving drunk. Be glad you didn't kill someone.
  4. Damn, sounds like you're in a tough spot bro. I wish you the best of luck.

    If it is your first DUI, you don't get in too much trouble, do you? I thought you just had to take a class or something. Maybe pay a fine?
  5. I think it's a couple grand fine, and a day in jail. Me and my neighbor are gonna scheedule our jail time together.

    And anyways, a .13 isn't even that drunk. I was almost sober.

  6. If they found 4 pipes and a RIFLE! I dont think if they found some rum and a nug it would have been that much a different outcome.

    Your not in too much trouble for a a gun?
  7. my bro got a DuI, and they took his liscense away for a year. First they installed the breathalizer in his car, but because he was underage at the time (20), they had to take it out and give him the full deal. sucks too, because he has 2 kids, a wife, and works 50 hours a week at a job across town.
  8. .08 is the legal limit AFAIK.

    You did it to yourself guy.
  9. I have no pity for you. there's no excuse for drinking and driving. one of my good friends was hit by a drunk driver, nearly died, spent weeks in a coma, had 8 brain surgeries, and now has no sense of taste or smell and has NO short term memory.

  10. That sucks. Especially if you get pulled over for some stupid shit like a taillight and then they smell alcohol on your breath, or you slur your speech or some shit.

    Nothing wrong with driving drunk, if you can do it. Gotta know your limits.
  11. You brought it on yourself.

    I would advise the following steps

    1) Go talk to dad, apologize (even if it isn't your fault) and ask to move back in
    2) Get a lawyer ASAP, you could be facing serious fucking charged. Open container, weed, wayy over legal limit, and a firearm... a judge could throw the book at you.
    3) Start going to AA meetings now. When court time comes your attorney can use that to help you out "He started going to AA meetings the day after his DUI realizing he made a mistake."
  12. not only do you have to pay a couple grand, but you have to disclose it on job applications. ouch. at least you didnt hurt or kill anyone though. you'll get through this.

  13. I hope your opinion changes someday, and not by experiencing the consequences of drunk driving. In the mean time, stay out of Washington.

  14. really, my aunt was hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a highway ramp and she is dead. driving drunk is not something to fuck around with... and if you were underage you shouldnt drink a sip and get in a car. you get a dui if you have a 0.000000001 as long as your underage...


    everyone can do it... until they hit someone/ something...
  15. Thankfully no one got hurt while you were driving, drunk driving is beyond irresponsible. But at the same time, I wish you the best in your situation. Just because I don't condone drunk driving doesn't mean I'll be a dick and tell you deserve everything. We all make mistakes, its just a matter of learning from them.
  16. drunk driving isnt a good idea man. sorry to hear though.

  17. dude .13 is pretty drunk....those numbers dont lie and the judge isnt gonna believe that you were 'almost sober'

    besides, its over the legal limit thats a shitty argument
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    Perhaps, but as of right now it doesn't seem all that hard.

    If you're shitfaced, don't drive. You can't operate a vehicle if you're blacking out. I've been there.(not driving blacked out just blacked out)

    However whenever I've hopped behind the wheel drunk as a bastard my vision straightens out and I focus on the road and do just fine, if not better than when I drive sober. Though there's usually weed involved with my alcohol consumption which may make a difference..

    I'm not saying 'drive drunk kids' I'm saying if you can handle it you can handle it.

  19. ok, i know this is off topic, but dude, palmer, ur sig is trippy as shit, its fucking awesome.

    now, back to the topic
    that sucks u got kicked out, but drunk drivings fucking bad man. take sir elliots advice. but whyd u have a rifle?
  20. drinking and driving is by far the dumbest thing anyone can do even if you "know your limits" its just disrespectful towards everyone on the road and in your car how dare anyone take a chance at something like someones life its just not yours to gamble with ya dig?

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