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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rosser007, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. hey guys, new to this board in need of some help and advice.

    have a few questions as me and my mate are going to start going our own shit.

    1. how much will it cost for us to get this project up and running (equipment, seeds etc)?

    2. how much weed will we get from one seed or a pack of ten seeds? (preferabley in ounces)

    3. how long will it take until we will start seeing some results?

  2. answers

    1. anywhere from $50 to $5000 depending what your setup will consist of.

    2. Minimum you'll get is nothing if you screw it up but you could get 6-8 ounces off a REAL good plant.

    3. Some strains go right into Flowering stage, so you could get harvest in 45 days but usually takes 3-4 months average

    * just read, read, read...All the answers are here*****
  3. ^^^^^
  4. Cheers for thr replies guys, much appreciated.

    you say that the price could vary depending on the equipment. so what equipment are we going to need?
  5. Read up and decide what sized grow sounds best for you.... Find Granda's Grow Guide (search the forums for it) and that'll be a good place to start.

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