Complete Noob Questions!! Please respond!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stoneal3, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I am about to start growing and i am a complete noob at this... please bare with me.

    Ok a few questions:

    First off, I'm setting up a stealth hydro bubbleponics setup with dual spectrum II lights (
    since HPS lights are expensive, i was wondering if these lights will do the job (and by do the job, i mean actually grow WELL and get a decent amount of bud)... if not, i will consider buying HPS, but i need to know a few things. Can i use HPS the entire time they are growing? Should i start out with the dual spectrum and then switch to hps? how much wattage should i buy (see below)?

    This setup is going to be in a small closet. The dimensions are approx 4 feet long and 2 1/2 or 3 feet wide. I'm only going to plant 4 seeds in the bubbleponics system so that they can grow without being overcrowded... How much wattage should i get if i buy HPS lights? Are the reflectors highly recommended/required?

    Another REALLY important question i have is... I can't put holes into the door of my closet to ventilate it and i know placing a fan in there will just circulate the hot air... could i simply open the door or crack the door to let cool air in while the lights are on and its not the designated "dark time"? any suggestions on ventilating that are not costly and do not involve installing anything or placing holes in the door (if opening it while the lights are on will not work)?

    to anyone who responds: thank you so much!!!

  2. Being a noob you should do one of two things.

    1. Grow in Soil with no nutrients, or a similar soiless mixture. IMO Contrary to popular belief, hydroponics take more knowledge and more time. Soil is much more forgiving if you accidently use too much nutrients or not enough. You dont have to worry about the water level jumping around on you. You don't have to worry about ppm's or water temperature.

    2. If you do use hydroponics, keep a very detailed log somewhere, so you know exactly what you gave your plants and when. You will have to do a lot of reading and make detailed measurements, make sure your timing is right, and watch your roots for any signs of rot, or mossy stuff growing in your lines.
    Also, the setup that your link refers to is actually quite easy to construct yourself and there is a good tutorial on this website that you will find extreme similarities to this setup, It can be found here Lets build a bubble bucket

    Now moving on to the lights. Under the impression that you are a renter, or there is some other circumstance why you cannot cut any holes for ventilation, you have a few choices to make.

    1. You could go with a lower heat bulb such as cfl's (this will decrease your overall yield somewhat when comparing to the yeilds in the same room ventilated and using mv and hps.

    2. Opening the door during daylight could be an option, but you will lose alot of light that should be going just to your plants. Also, leaving your closet door open for 24 or 18 hours a day during vegetative growth realisticly is not an option. You will come across some circumstance that will not allow you to have this door open, and ultimately will probably somehow mess up your growing environment and either burn your plants up, or create a bunch of hermies.

    3. Your best option, is to save the money you are thinking about spending on this hydro setup. Go buy a cabinet, some mylar, lights, pots, thermometer, nutrients, soiless mixture for potted plants, supplies to build a carbon filter, and a few pc fans. Build yourself a cabinet that you can cut holes in for ventilation, then you can stick this in your closet, and leave the door open, without directly exposing any potential visitors to your operation. Also, when visitors do come, you could easily close the closet door for a while without worry about burning up your plants. Again, the soil is suggested from my statements above, but if you insist on going hydro, again, you can build the same thing if you want after just reading a couple tutorials.

    Next question. How much wattage should the light be, well you are going to have to figure out your ventilation before most people will step up to the plate and answer that question. As of now, I would say CFL's are your only choice because you are wanting to not ventilate. But these lights are probably not going to do well in such an open area unless you have a bunch of them, which will create heat anyways.

    Yes certain reflecters are highly recomended in most cases. These reflecters make use of the light that is going upward from the bulb by reflecting it back down to your plants.

    Next question, could you just leave the door open while lights are on...I don't think so and the reasons why were stated above.

    I cannot possibly come up with any alternative ideas except posting many good quality pictures of your closet, so we can all see what you have to work with.

    My question for you

    1. Can you afford to buy a cabinet, and if so you may want to visit the grow room construction area of the forums and find a setup you like. I have found a copy of an old post reposted and it is a great cabinet design, that could give you ideas, but mainly you have to just look around the forums. After a couple of hours of reading, you will be looking at everything around your house as a potential stealth grow cabinet lol.

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