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  1. Alright whats up grasscity, to introduce myself to the artists corner im 420Hazo. Normally im sitting up in the big 3 forums here talking bout marijuana its self, but lately i been trying to get art coming my way.

    Before i get criticized by being bad, here is the exclaimer.

    I have never taken any art classes. I have never attempted at drawing a human body for a purpose (except when i was like a little kid obviously). I don't know how to do proportions but i have an idea. and finally..this is my first ever drawing of a human body that i actually took time to make (10 minutes).

    So please, to the guys who know what they are doing, don't be too harsh on me because i really have NO idea what im doing, just learning like a rookie..
    I know the body isn't too proportional, and the breasts are absolutely not proportional. Yes i can't draw hands nor can i draw a face or hair...So any tips? how do i make it more...3d?

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    I use a loose version of the head count method


    An example I drew.


    Hope this helps.
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    trying to make things 3d, shading is your best friend.
    theres a couple techniques for shading, and youll probably have to do a little experimenting to figure out which one you like best.

    Shading Techniques
    heres some techniques, personally i tend towards circular shading. basically, where theres shadows color it darker and "fade" into the lighter areas or if its a sudden transition do just that.

    something else, unless your dead set on doing this body thing, ive found its very helpful to do absract drawings to help yourself get a feel for the shapes you create and how you shade before moving onto more concrete things that require you represent objects as they stand or similar to real life. its helped me anyways.

    on a rather off note, my art teacher in high school loved the "dot technique". i have no idea why. it was the most annoying, painstaking process. its basically shading like people used to draw sand in elemetary school. actually thats exaclty what it is.
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    Good tips, Ashleybear. It really is the shading which brings a drawing to life. Learning about how light hits an object and shading basic shapes before taking on the much harder stuff is good practice.

    On a slightly related note, I also had an art instructor who loved shading with dots but it's not my favorite technique because, like you said, it's a painfully slow process. Once, I drew a human male torso using nothing but dots for one of her assigned projects. I'll post it up later.
  5. Here it is.

    This is a small glimpse of a very stylized male torso I drew using nothing but dots.

    After "dotting" thousands upon thousands of these stupid dots, I was hanging on to the last inch of sanity I had by the time the drawing was complete. It was that painfully slow.

  6. thanks, same to you.
    and i would have been insane if i did anything that detailed with dots.

    and... @ 420hazo, i think you meant "disclaimer" not "excalimer". just a note :p
  7. All dots?? You've got some patience dude. +rep

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