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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganjasmoke, May 26, 2009.

  1. ha i am attempting my first grow.. i germ'd 5 of my 10 (big bud) seeds, planted them two days ago in promix soil and stil nothing? How long should it take for them to pop up? I paid 80$ for these seeds and would rather not waste them... someone please HELP!!

    could they have dried out? i didnt water them for an hour or so after i planted them (got high n fergot, DOH!) or is it guna take a few more days for them to pop up?

    thanks for reading, cheers :smoking:
  2. Patience my friend. Mine tend to show themselves after 2 to 4 days, but i would assume this could also vary depending on how deeply you planted the seed.
  3. thanks for your help man. I only planted them the depth of a seed deep, you dont think they could dry out if i planted them and fergot to water them for half a day?
  4. Nope not at all, just try to keep it moist from now on, and thats a good depth to plant seeds at.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. they finally poped up!! what light should i put them under? 24/7 for 2 weeks?
  7. Awesome glad to hear they broke soil. :D

    I would go 24/0, thats just me though and everyone feels different about 18/6 versus 24/0. The only thing is plants under 24/0 will take longer to show preflowers then plants under 18/6. But consider this, to produce energy a plant needs to preform something called photosynthesis. For this to occur there has to be h2o, co2, air, and light. When its dark a plant won't be able to preform photosynthesis and so growth is stopped for the dark period and the plant sleeps. People will say 18/6 will save you money on your bill, but if your using cfls that doesnt really matter. So I say go 24/0 starting now, thats just me.

    Good luck with the sprouts. Hope to see some pics maybe lol. :laughing:
  8. thanks man, i will def post some pics when they are worthy :hello:

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