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    IMG_20190610_100902.jpg IMG_20190610_100835.jpg Greetings! So.....this is kind of a cross post of sorts. I started off growing my plants (indoors in a tiny green house) from seeds of unknown variety and unknown sex. Oooh the mystery!

    I put these plants outside towards the last week of May waaay up here in Manitoba, Canada - with our medical permit to grow.

    Currently, I've been watering when the soil seems dry to a depth of about 2" down. I've also been using some fertilizer that a friend gave me to use during the veg state.

    How are these looking? I've topped 3 of the 4 plants and have left one alone to see. This is basically our experimental year to see if anything makes it to the end lol
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  3. Outside is both better and worse to grow in. Better in that mother nature helps keep most of the attacking insects in check.
    The 2 she can't help with are Powdery Mildew and Caterpillars.
    Green Cure for the mildew
    BT for the caterpillars.

    I don't know your local conditions as far as the 2 threats so only experience will tell you that.
    If you have moths around your outside lights at night then your plants are at risk from caterpillars AKA bud worms.

    Green Cure is Potassium Bicarbonate.
    Baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate and can be used in a pinch.

    BT can be found in most garden centers for Caterpillar and horn worm control on Tomato's





  4. Thanks for the tips BrassNwood, but I think we're far to North for those type of pests. Right now where I am, we have these canker worms everywhere, but so far they don't like my plants lol. As for night lighting, I'm strictly relying on Mother Nature right now
  5. So....I think I have an issue with one of my potted plants. The leaves, and stems were turning purple; which after a quick google Google search seems to be a nitrogen issue. However, it now seems that I believe that this one plant seems to be going into bloom.

    I can't see any balls or pistles, but the fresh growth at the very tips appear different from my other 2 plants. The other plants are still clearly in veg, and the new growth at the very tips are clearly just those "bundles" of new leaves.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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