Complete newbie to the growing game. advice/help?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ixBeachbumxi, May 13, 2010.

  1. So ive been smoking for oh...a year and a half now? Im finally becoming serious about it, got a good stash box going on. got a pipe a bowl made a bong (works like a champ, airtight and only cost me $20 for the slide and stem =D) and beginning to realize that smoking daily isnt bad ( i always would say its a bad habbit...that i wouldnt become some stoner, and now im realizing being a stoner isnt a bad thing. i find life 100x's better and when im sober im not all depressed like alot of burnouts u see at school)

    so ya thats my background story. now ive been saving my seeds i find for about 4 months and i had maybe 20 of them. all from shitty mids but hey, free pot is free pot. so i decided id try to grow outside. did some quick research...was kinda lazy and careless about it and now i have a 2 inch tall plant that i planted in the ground way too early and one of its 2 leaves is half bitten off by some stupid forest not the best grower around.

    any advice on animals? how long i should wait after germination and sprouting before i plant it outside in the ground? (i live in new england and the weather has goes from 90 one day to 20 the next night. ridiculous! so ya...also any tips on how to keep bugs and what not off with stuff i could find around the house would be great.

    again, im not trying to be some big time grower, i just want a little summer project taht will get me around a couple ounces of 100% free marijuana. thanks guys

    - Beachbum:smoke:
  2. keep it inside for at the very least two weeks imo. the longer you keep it inside the more likely it is to survive(especially in those temperatures)
  3. To ward off animals, make that place smell like humans. Deer and other animals know not to go near a place that smells like humans.

    Piss around (not on) your plants, get a haircut and spread it around the grow, hang up things of deoderant, leave some unwashed clothes laying around, etc.

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