Complete Newbie To Growing...Help Me Out

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by callow, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. I have 20 some-odd seeds that came from this midgrade that I bought. The condition that the bud was in wasn't all the great, since it was just processed midgrade stuff that was grinded and compressed, but the bud seems good...there were a lot of hairs and it smoked pretty well. I decided I'm going to try to grow these seeds outdoor, but I don't know jack about growing. So here are my questions...

    1. Throughout spring, would it be possible to grow a decent yield of weed in Upstate New York? (This is near West Point. I live in an isolated mountain with a bunch of rich people so nobody would even be suspicious) I have a perfect spot that gets a lot of sun, and the plants would blend in perfectly.

    2. If I decide to grow, would I be able to just use the soil that is there (the area has lots of plants springing up all around it with high grasses), or should I get ahold of some from home depot? I'm not old enough to drive until August, so it would be tougher for me to get a hold of all this stuff.

    3. What parasites should I watch out for?

    4. How often/frequently should I water my plants before they spring up?

    5. How often/frequently should I water my plants once they start to grow?

    6. When do I get rid of the male plants? How do I determine them from females?

    7. When do I harvest?

    8. How do I cure the buds?

    9. Would it be at all possible to just drop the seeds in the ground and water, or should I clear out an area, block it off, etc?

    Thanks a lot ahead of time, I hope to have a lot of fun in the future growing...
  2. Great plans....sounds like your on the right through the educate yourself. Most of your questions can be handled there....once your growing...more can be answered.....Good luck and hope you get your DL....


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