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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Parabola, May 12, 2003.

  1. Hey bros...heres the deal..Im a complete newbie to growing..I can ONLY grow outdoors..can have the seeds indoors at all...i ordered: White Widow, Northern Lights and Top 44....also have Canna Terra Vega and Terra Flores for nutrients...I am going to buy some top soild and make a nice little place to there anything im missing?...also I cant germinate inside so is it ok to just put the in the ground?..dig a hole about 1/2 inch down..put the seed in pointy side up...cover with dirt?...also how and when will I be able to tell which are males so i can remove them?
  2. ahh gonna be hard to do pointy side up cause it aint gonna work well put that side down buddy and as for top soil and all that sounds good but if i was u i would try really hard to at least start one or two inside cause most likely just throwing them outside will work but may be harder to do i threw a shit load of seeds in a spot i thought was gonna be goood went back and back and back watering cause soil in the damn sun drys so fast and finally looked closely and all the seeds died i guess and the shells were just lying on the top of soil then started plants indoors and moved them out and they are growing
  3. really??..i heard u should put the pointy side pointing up
  4. nah when u germinate them the tap root comes out the pointy side see the plant is going to crack and at first it will grow coming out of that side and when it gets ready to pass the top of the soil the shell where it is kinda flat will be all the way cracked through and will just open up i guess well just put it pointy side down thats how it will grow bettas instead it will put the tap root out the top of the soil and your seed will be screwed
  5. hi... Im a complete newbie to this site. :)

    Tap Root is gonna head down no matter what... helping it along never hurts. germinating seeds love warmth and moisture... if your outdoor conditions are favorable then having them out could be better than in. If not than inside... you dont need any fancy lights or anything, its mostly the nights you need to worry about... cool temps slow down soil activity and could kill the newly cracked seeds. Put em out in the day then inside at night until the weather is favorable.

    Ideally, a HID works best for starting the outdoor plants.

    Some natural soil profiles can be great for growing ganj, however its risky and not recomended without prior testing and an idea about the soil makeup. Mainly a PH test... lime can buffer any minor ph swings... hmm. theres alot to soil and ganj... and tonnes of information availible with abit of searching...

    My advice... think of your grandma's veggie garden(or whoever)... try and find a natural soil profile along those lines, get good sun exposure, and figure how to water. A cheap PH test kit will give you an idea of what your facing and the potential of the native soil.

    Anyway... not to be a pessimist but putting seeds straight into the ground may not work out for you, but it never hurts to try... ime the more TLC you give and quality conditions, the better the results.

    P.S. Searching the internet can be very enlightening ;)

    ...doh! srry, just reread the part about buying topsoil... hehe. did I mention I was a newb?...

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