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  1. Just as the title states I have never grown a plant before and I was given a “clone” from a friend at work and I want to grow it and I want something worth while to smoke when it’s done, but I have no idea what to do next. I can’t stress enough that money is for sure an issue. I need to keep it alive, while spending as little as possible. The plant is about 1ft - 1.5ft tall, and there is leafs on it (some of which are dying). It’s going to be an indoor plant, but I really don’t have a tent or lamps or really anything. It was given to me in a styro form cup and I have it placed in the best window for light in the house and have been adding water three times daily. I have had it two full days now.

    I can answer any questions if I left anything out.

    I can post a picture of what I have if it isn’t against forum rules

    I guess my question is, what is the next step? At least to make it survive for now and we will take the next steps in this journey together lol
  2. You should look around your house for CFL fixture or bulb. If you don't have any get the 6500k ones rated as Day Light. The Higher wattage the better. Gather a few of those and keep your plant as close as its almost growing in the bulb. Then you'll need a fan. Keep it on 24/7 blowing a light breeze at your plant to provide strong stem, branching out and less stretching. Do you have any fertilizer at home? Look for a formula rich In Nitrogen and start feeding at 1/3 strength of bottle instructions. Also watering 2-3 times a day you'll drown her! You'd be better of with once per 2-3 days. Have you started reading about LST? You could tie the stem down to help keep her low. When do you plan on putting her out for summer? Can you post a pic?
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  3. Lol, that sounds exactly like the beginning of my story of how I started growing almost 2 years ago.

    I understand money will be a problem so, I guess the main question is, are you in a legal recreational weed location?

    2nd question would be, do you think after this one you'll continue to grow?

    These 2 kind of determine what to tell you on how to proceed.
  4. Okay I’ll try to answer all questions!

    1) I did see online about CFL bulbs? They are the curly bright ones right? I can go to Home Depot and get some tomorrow! The 6500k daylights is just referring to a standard LED bulb? Yes? Higher wattage simple.

    2) fan - don’t have one on her now, but I can make it happen

    3) fertilizer - yes I do have, or well the wife has, “miracle grow potting soil” but the guy who gave me the plant said not to use it and to get stuff for vegetables? Not flowers? Nutrients? I’m on a very low budget at the moment sadly, and im told they are expensive?

    4) LST, no I did not. Sorry.

    5) I wanted to keep it indoors if I could? Worse case if smell becomes an issue will be my shed.

    (Pics to follow)


    6) Nova Scotia, Canada, so yes? (Can anyone confirm I legally allowed to grow 4 plants?)

    7) yes! Absolutely! As soon as I can get what I need off of her, I’m willing to start another clone or two ASAP.

    So in response I kind of added my questions back in the mix,

    One other question for tonight before bed would be what should I keep her lighting at atm?

    Thanks so much!

    I hate being this guy. I basically need someone to hold my hand until I know what’s up and I apologize.

    Thanks again. Any other information I can provide I will!

    Photos attached

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  5. Clf could be a bulb that fits in any household socket.
    It can also be long tube like shop light. t5 are premium for early vegging.
    6500 K is the temperature the light is burning. At that level its called Day Light and have a full white spectrum with blue. Perfect for vegetative stage. I suggest you keep lights on 24hrs a day if you have less than 200w total. The fan. Yeah make it happen my friend looking at your plant its not too late but it needs care now. More light, some nutrients and air flow! Your friend is right about Miracle Grow it has bad reputation as its not balanced for cannabis and it is pretty strong on instruction. Its not optimal but temporary until you get proper nutrients you could use MG at 1/4 strength. At the same time shop amazon for Fox Farm or Canna or General hydroponics brand. if you want to be successful you will need to read. My best website (I got referred to it here!) is still I must have red every page a few time but I love to drop by and red. Look for LST its a simple technique that will really benefit your plant.
    I'll give you my humble opinion if you don't have a few hundreds to invest meaning you will be able to keep growing, you should gather CFL, forget about 6500k and go for like 4000k, pot her up, wait a few days and flip. If you don't have proper equipment you'd better throw her in flower harvest an eight and have fun.
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  6. Alright! I will get some air flow on it tonight and leave the lights on it until I can rig up a CFL system. I can invest some money (little right now) and when I get pays from my second job I could have $100+ at a time to put towards trying to make a better set up. It’s just going to take me some time. That’s why I was hoping to keep clones going while I expand my set up.
  7. Great! A lil breeze keeping leaves slightly moving a bit will be perfect! Next time you water, give her some food! Just make sure to let soil dry. check if you have drainage hole too. You can remove the dying leaf it won't recover. As long as the new grow is healthy you're good. So after a proper cannabis nutrient your next investment should be grow light. Maybe a led from amazon??? Personally I would go with the Vivosun 400w MH/hps combo, with air cooled hood for 200$.
  8. I appreciate the suggestion, but that seems like a lot? But I’m new! 450watt equivalent I hope! Lol

    If it doesn’t actually burn 450watt then we may be talking, but if it does, and for $200 I really hope it’s not my only option for making this work!

    Is there a right or wrong way to remove the damaged leafs?

    Can I go somewhere local for nutrients? Also for some soil to move her to? (Home depot / Walmart / Canadian tire) to get nutrients that will suffice?

    The pot I have to move her to does have drainage holes, I just wasn’t sure if I should be using one with or without, but sounds like the answer is with holes, so now if I can get some soil and nutrients tomorrow I will transplant her to her new home and remove the damaged leafs

    Also, misting the leafs is a good idea?

    Can I put a CFL bulb in a work lift and make or buy a reflective (tin foil) hood type thing and hang it over her and close?
  9. Sorry for the double post, I couldn’t figure out how to add my image. This is what I have rigged up for tonight. Thanks for the advice! If anyone else wants to chime in please do!

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  10. Grow lights are definitely the biggest, and also most important piece of your setup. Some growers have the fancy new tech look online for "horticulture lightning group" those light are up to a 1000$.
    That's why at start I thought you would go for outdoor grow. indoor you need a minimum of 40w per square foot of HID or LED to have decent flowers and healthy growth. Going with CFL you will have to surround your plant with them.
    You can look on amazon for LED grow light it will give you an idea of price this is your last resort as its not a long term investment and don't give the flower quality you expect..
    I don't think you can find anything (yet!) at Walmart or Canadian Tire for cannabis so you will have to rely on local grow store if you want to shop local. Maybe with some extended research and reading you can find some nutrients fertilizer sold locally that will do.
    There is so much to go I don't know where to start!
    Like I said is the newbie friendly user well covered destination for all your worries and questions!
  11. When you look at LED, forget about "so called" 1000w. These are "incandescent" equivalent. Look in description for "true outdraw of the wall " watts....
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  12. Yes. So what about something like this?

  13. I have 4 DIY Horticulture Lighting Group quad Quantum Board 132 fixtures, each running at a full actual 300 watts. Each fixture cost me about $225.

    On my first grow with them, 4 plants with one fixture over each, I grew 3 lbs. That's 1.12 grams per watt. I'm on my 2nd grow with them now and I'm expecting to yield more than 3 lbs this time, closer to a pound per plant. That would be approximately 1.5 grams per watt. The more you know, the more you can grow as long as the lights are of excellent quality.

    Here's is the current grow, first pic in early veg back in March and the second is from last night. They are now about 3 weeks from harvest.

    20190327_203509.jpg 20190616_192608.jpg

    They raise the temperature in the room by only about 6 degrees when they turn on. With all 4 of the fixtures running, my electrical bill goes up by about $40 / month. They can be about 24" away from the plants during veg and as close as 18" during flower. They produce extremely intense light. IMO, they're perfect for tent growing. One of my fixtures would easily be enough for a 3' x 3'.

    I'm not trying to start anything between HID vs QB LED. Just showing that the new tech isn't trying to catch up. Its surpassing old tech and still getting better every day.
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  14. This would be one of the so called 1000 watt lights Laucass83 was talking about. It's simply not worth it and you'll be wasting your money. Actual wattage on that light is only 180-200 Watts. Totally a false advertisement kind of thing. They're known as "blurple" LEDs and are to be avoided if you want to grow anything worthwhile. You might get a few ounces of very fluffy buds. It won't impress you at all.
  15. So I believe this is the one I recommended, and looks the most bang for buck?

    Is it worth while investment? Can I only grow one plant under it?

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  16. Great for veg. Not so much for flower.
  17. Thanks again for the assistance.

    So what would I need to do both? Or how could I make that work for both maybe?
  18. Here’s what I had in mind (in the picture below) and I figured it would be readily accessible and within budget. At least to keep my plant alive / start another clone until I can afford a real light. Also I read going this method is good because I can use the 6500k daylight for veg and switch to the 2500k for flowering.

    So would going this route be worth exploring? I feel like I could get what I want/need from Home Depot to get these lights on the plant for >100$

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  19. Lighting is all about intensity and color spectrum. The higher the intensity the better.

    Lights with a higher ratio of blue light are best for veg and they tend to make the plants grow short and squat. Lights with higher amounts of red are required in flower and cause plants to grow tall (stretch) and they help promote budding. They'll switch to the flowering stage faster under red light than under blue.

    People trying to obtain a light that can manage both will generally try to have a light that has both 4000K for veg and 3000K for flower. The "K" stands for Kelvin and represents the light color temperature.

    That being said, my current lights are a 3500K rating so they're in the middle of the spectrum for veg and flower. They work great BUT I would do far better in flower and probably get an even better yield if they were 3000k.

    I've seen a lot of folks on here using 3000k through the whole grow and do well. The only real problem is how much space you have available for a stretching plant AND that stretching during veg means that the bud nodes will be farther apart so, you might not get the big long colas as much as large buds that are separated from each other.

    Can you use CFLs for veg for a month while you save some more for lights that will kick some serious ass for you during flower?

    You'll still need a tent, fans, a heater, a humidifier, a timer, and other things....
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  20. Happy to see you have started to look at some information! People who went that way had to replace their equipment after 1st grow. It is really minimal to keep alive and basically what I was referring to in my 2nd reply when I suggested you should pot her up and flip asap. Dont put money on thongs you'll have to replace because they aren't good enough. Specifically when you're on a budget.
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