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Complete Medical MJ Newbie with lots of questions (Vaporizers)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AlwaysInPain, Oct 24, 2014.

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    Hey all, a few years back my doctor started to urge me to seek out marijuana for my health problems.  This year I ended up deciding to finally seek things out, and got my documentation from them that I can use it.

    The problem is, I know very little about marijuana beyond everything I've been reading online.  I've beeing reading blogs, watching videos, and more than anything reading up on reviews, but I'm still not totally sure on things so I wanted to talk to active users.

    Things I know: 
    - I am largely treating Panic Anxiety, Nausea, Chronic Pain, and Insomnia
    -I don't want to smoke it, I have a lot of trouble handling smoke
    -I don't want to smell it, I'm very sensitive to things like smell, and most marijuana smells make me both feel sick, and can give me a migrane.  (Beyond that I'm just not fond of any of the smells I've experienced)
    -I don't want to smell to spread to anything.  I sell things from my house, I can't afford for that smell to attatch to any of the work I am producing, or the products I am selling.  As a note the products are largely made of fabric, so smell attatches strongly
    - I would like an option for when I am working, and when I am at home.
    -I'm willing to pay well for a product that is worth it
    My only experience with MJ has been Kind Caps that a friend of mine gave me who shares much the same symptoms that I do and they helped out a lot with the anxiety especially.
    What I think I'm looking for at this point is a Vaporizer.  I've heard they give off much less and at times no smell, while getting the most out of the plant.  Ive looked through and read reviews on a few dozen, and I think the two that appealed to me most were the Davinci Ascent and the Flowermate Vaporemax 5.0 S.

    I like the davinci Ascent because it seems to be very efficient and well made, and it gives me the option of using oil as well should I go that route.

    I like the Flowermate because it is also efficient, and I have heard that the smell with it is little to nothing, it is also much more reasonably priced.

    As far as what weed, from what I've read Burkle seems to be a really good choice for both panic attacks and sleep, what are your opinions on this? 

    Also what ones would you suggest for pain?

    Basically I'm looking for your guys opinions and advice on the above, if you need any more info please let me know!

    Thanks in advanced for any assistance as I make my decisions!
  2. You may also want to look into edibles. No smell. CBD is great for pain management. Indica is excellent for insomnia. I wish you the best of luck.
  3. I have looked into edibles as a nother option since CBD seems to do well for me going by the Kind Care caps I tried, but I'm curious if they're cost efficient in comparison to using a vaporizer?

    I'm willing to save up and spend what I need to in order to get a good system, but I am low income and money overall is scarce and probably will be for a good while.
  4. Yes I think edibles are more cost efficient. A pound of strong cannabutter would last me a month. Also, vapes leave kind of a "burnt popcorn" smell to them and some people can recognise it.
    Thats a good point!  I will deffinitely look into edibles for things like pain management.

    My other question about edibles is how long they take to start working and how long they last in comparison to vaping?

    Would edibles be an option for a Panic Attack where I need immediate help to stop/prevent it?
  6. edibles take anywhere from 60-90 minutes to kick in and they last from 6-8 hours depending on the potency and the amount you ate. Be careful. You can easily green out on edibles (I have). No edibles are not good for a quickfix for a panic attack. It is the slow-release method. Good luck. I also suggest that you read up on Granny storm crow's list. She has a plethura of info on a thread somewhere here on GC.
  7. Alright good to know, thank you very much for your insight!
  8. Marijuana produces white smoke when lit and tobacco produces black. White smoke doesn't stick onto clothes or anything like black smoke does. The smell of it will be gone in around 15 minutes.

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  9. As much as I would like to believe that I've had too many friends who do MJ, including one who's shirt I had for about a month that smelled like weed from the time they left it to the time I gave it back.  I remember the same problems with my brother as well with trying to get the smell out of his clean clothes when we would go to family gatherings when he wasn't even the one smoking ((his roommate did in the same room)).  He unfortunately couldn't really smell it because he was always around the smoke which is understandable, but to anyone else it was, myself included, it was noticeable.
    I don't know if it means anything but all the above instances were using bongs, none of them rolled or dabbed so I'm not sure if bong smoke would smell stronger?? As I said, I don't know too much about this stuff.  I can say though that it was deinfinitely not comparable to cigarette smoke at all, which seems to stick like glue.

    Either way I'd much rather be safe in any case since the things I'm selling are largely plush collectibles that cannot be safely washed without damaging them and should not be sprayed with anything.
  10. Much thanks for the link!  I was able to find it and have been reading up, but this is a great resource!

    I know I'm probably in the market to be spending 100-200 for a good vaporizer, but I can save up and raise funds for that if it'll be worth it in the long run.
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    If you want no smell then don't go with a vape. My wife has a super sensitive nose and she can smell when I vape. Is it less then smoking yes. If I use a smoke buddy its even better but she lights a candle when I vape and that covers it.

    Cost vape is very efficient but so can tinctures and they have no smell at all really. 200 for a vape can get you a lot of herb and some vodka and your on your way to controlled medication that you can use anyplace.
  12. Definitely noted! 

    After I get everything done paperwork and drug test wise for my new job I have a friend who has invited me over to try her vaporizor and see how the smell is and the like, as well as try some of her other medications so I'm thankfully going to be able to test it before I go buying anything, but I def value everyones personal experiences here.

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