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Complete List of Cannabis Strains(and a lil more info;)

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by weed420, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. OK,
    i'm going to make a complete list of cannabis strains and have RMJL make it a sticky so people will quit askin those same damn annoying questions.

    no i'm not bashing anybody just doing it out of my heart for gc's sake:)

    Here We Go.

    Amstel Gold
    Bella Caio
    Big Bud
    Black Domina
    Black African
    Black Jack-this strain i wanna try sooo bad
    Celtic Cross
    Celtic Stone
    Early Girl
    Early Skunk
    Eclipse-new strain with a sweet taste
    Green Spirit
    Granddaddy Purple
    Hawaiin Skunk-Sounds Delicious
    Hindu Kush
    Hollands Hope-heard great things about this strain
    Master Kush
    Mighty Might
    Northern Lights
    Pink Indica-hence the name:cool:
    Purple High
    Purple Urkel
    Purple Star
    Ruderalis Indica
    Sour Bubble-never heard the strain never seen it)
    Southern Afghani
    Super Chrystal

    Durban Poison
    Maui Waui
    Early Bud
    Early Pearl
    Early Skunk Plant
    Great White Shark
    Green Spirit
    Haze Skunk
    Haze Skunk-never heard of this strain sounds delicious
    Jack Herer
    Kali Mist
    Ice(1 of the neweest strains)
    LamsBread x SKunk
    Niagra x Shiva
    Night Queen
    Northern Lights x Haze
    Power Plant
    Purple Haze
    Smokey Bear
    Silver Haze
    Super Silver Haze
    swazi x SKunk
    White Cloud

    Blue Velvet- for those of you that have never seen this bud its crazy looking!! some of the best looking bud
    Blueberry-one of my favorite strains
    Buddha Plant
    Cali Orange Plant
    Durban Poison x Mighty Might
    First Mature
    Fruity Pebbles
    Full Moon
    Jamaican Pearl
    Jack Flash(Indica Dominant)
    Juicy Fruit
    GrapeFruit Haze
    Himalayan Gold
    Island Lady
    Kerala x SKunk
    Lemon Stinky-(indica dominat)
    Leda Uno(87.5 % sativa,12.5% indica)
    Northern Berry
    NYC Diesel
    Purple#1-(50% Sativa,%0% Indica)
    Purple Skunk-(87.5% sativa,12.5% Indica)
    Purple Kush
    Shaman-(87.5% Sativa,12.5% Indica)
    Shiva Shanti
    SKunk Red Hair
    Skunk Passion
    Strawberry Cough-Sativa Dominant
    SKunk Haze-Sativa Dominant
    Swiss Miss
    Sweet Island Skunk(sativa dominant)
    Turtle Power
    White Widow

    Note-i know there is some more strains i just need more information on them i have pmed RMJL and told him to make this a sticky.
    Also this took quite awhile so plz dont bash on me :)
  2. Around here we just call it weed. That shits to complicated.

  3. for indica, put in grandaddy purple and purple urkle.

    for hybrids put in purple kush
  4. thank you BK,
    i added them to the list i was looking for trainwreck and wheelchair to add to the list but cannot find any info on them if someone could gimme some info on them strains that would be great.

    also i will update this list as the more strains i find and the more time i have to find the ones i missed thank you all.

  5. LOL! I'm a chick. :D

    ...and yes, NO bashing!

  6. Bella Caio for indica.
  7. Isn't white widow hybrid?

  8. Sure is :)
  9. BASH

    nah this is a way good thread +rep ive always wondered which of my buds were sativa/indica.
  10. G-13, Hashplant, Bubblegum. Not sure what breed they are, though.
  11. OG Kush, Pure Kush, Sensi Star, Crown of Gold, F-13, Black Russian, White Russian, Lime and Salt(never heard of it before except from my dealer), Lemon-Hashplant... I've heard of "juicy fruit" but i dunno

    Someone with the Cannabible 1, 2, or 3 should post. Also, High Times has all kinds of new hybrid strains so this list will never be complete... which is a good thing :smoking:

    There are 500 different strains in the 3 Cannabibles combined.
  12. thank you 4ction for the list i forgot bout them strains but just looking for as much info on them i can find.

    i know it's going to be nearly impossible to add all the strains but this is to help everyone on here before they go pickup their sack and are wondering if it's sativa and Indica:)
  13. orange kush,ny sour diesel.
  14. Dont forget Black African for indica. Thats some STRONG shit
  15. Southern Afghani under Indica.

    Amazing strain.
  16. jack flash, jock horror,jack herer,alaskan thunderfuck,thunderfuck,Aurora Indica,jack cleaner,SAGE,strawberry cough,turtle power,lowryder,grapefruit,blackberry,black widow,white widow,super woman,kaya,bubbakush,hindu kush,master kush,flo,chocolate chunk,four-way,jacki-o,jedi,pukeberry,strawberry fields,trinity,trainwreck,grapekush,medusa,venus.dont forget the sativa and indica mixes if u want to get into that.all i have listed above is just missmosh of things.take and leave as nessisary.:smoke:

  17. yooo i didnt know you were a chick hahaha good to know tho
  18. whatever gets you high man...its all good.

    schwagg or dank..fuck people bashing on other peoples grass.

    nice though man.

    have to say the best ive smoked out of those categories though...

    indica: northern lights. bought a gram in amsterdam. single best smoke ive ever had.

    sativa: jack herer for sure

    hybrid: grapefruit haze
  19. trainwreck i think is hybrid but im not 100% sure

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