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Complete LED Setup

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by jrsaw0711, Jul 4, 2013.

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    ... Cantalope KUSH...
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    ... freshly picked Cantalope KUSH & lemon THAI KUSH...

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    you def def wanna make sure to keep your girls on a constant routine feeding schedule. I don't do the whole organic deal. I understand the principle and it does emphasize the taste & odor. But to me, if you want big plants, big buds, and big yields, you gotta feed them a steady diet of steroids.
    Here's a good example: I got sik like a week ago and for like 10 days I didn't feel like doing shit. Didn't feel like watering. Didn't feel like trimming. I literally barely had the motivation to check on them every 3 days or so. And I was just feeding them water sporadically so that they didn't die, which some came close to doing. During this period my plants didn't grow at all! Just stopped completely. I was feeding them every 3-4 days to start then as you get further into flowering they prob should be fed every 3 days.

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    Hello all. So... I have a few things I need to ask here, so I'm going to apologize in advance because I feel this is going to be a long one. I will try to be as detailed as possible so please bare with me. Sorry, no pics. :(
    #1. Is anyone having a problem with heat from these lights? I have the Mars II 700 (420 watt) LED light inside of a Gorilla Tent size: 2ft deep x 2ft 6in wide x 6ft 11in tall. When I touch the glass of the light it is very warm to the touch. The internal grow tent temperature is at 88f and the humidity goes between 33-35%. The temp of the room the tent is in  is 79f w/humidity between 44-47%. Currently, all airflow is passive, but I will be putting in a small clip fan today. I also have a CAN carbon filter with a 6in duct fan but whenever I turn it on to exhaust the air inside of the tent, I can tell it is pulling air out of the tent (the tent "collapses"inward a bit) but the temp. does not go down. I just ordered two variable fan speed controllers: one for the exhaust fan, and the other for a duct fan I plan to put at the bottom to draw air into the tent from the room. Both are just too loud at full speed, and stealth is a requirement.
    #2. Will this temp and humidity level cause problems for my plants? I planted the beans Sept 30 and saw the first sign of life on the 3rd or 4th. They have been under CFL's since I planted them. They are on there second set of true leaves (three fingers) and yesterday I placed them in the tent. They are 20 inches under the LED light. One seems to be doing okay, and actually looks like its liking the LED (the leaves are "reaching" for the light). The other collapsed yesterday after I watered both of them (oh btw, I'm only doing two plants: Cream of the Crop Purple Paralysis [collapsed] and Blimburn's CR+ [reaching])
    #3. Once I have the variable fan speed controllers, and the intake fan installed, along with the clip fan for inside the tent, will my temp drop some? Will that also reduce my humidity levels? I've been researching all day yesterday and have read differing views. Most said that anything over 85 was too high, while some others have said that they've had temps as high as 90 and never had problems. I'm not new to growing, just new to this size and scale (been doing cfl pc grow box scrogs for 2 years). I was also thinking of using a 6 inch duct extender in the top of the tent to allow some of the heat to escape passively. would that have any affect on the temp?
    #4. I plan on doing a scrog to max my yield and take advantage of all space in the tent. I'm hoping to get at least .5 gpw from this. That should be near 200 grams dry. I've read Ca5p3r's journal where he used a Magnum 357 LED light (180 watts) and was able to get 183 grams from two plants in a tent a little smaller and shorter that mine (Jardins DR 60? 2x2x5.5?) Is that a goal that seems attainable for the size tent and light I have? Is possible (under ideal conditions, of course) to yield more than that in this size tent, and this light?
    Again, sorry for the long post, but when it comes to this way of doing things, I guess I am a "newb/noob" and just want to make sure I do as much as I can to ensure I have a successful grow.
  5. 1. Not having problems as I'm using active and passive cooling with the same light you have. My temps stay right at 81 now during lights-on.
    2. I don't think it will cause any problems, but it also depends on your setup. If it's Hydro with a 10gl+ reservoir, you'll just want to make sure your roots stay nice and cool (<70f). I'm doing hempy right now and mine look like they're thriving quite well.
    3. The better you can regulate intake and exhaust, the easier it is to keep your temps stable, so, I would say, yes, they should drop some. Most likely only a couple degrees.
    4. That projected yield seems optimistic to me. Especially as this is your first "run" with this setup. .5gpw is a number I hear alot, but I find it's as much (if not more so) dependent on other things as well as simply method. If you can dial in those variables (i.e. temps, ideal feeding times/amounts, pH, etc,) then you should be able to get good yield from a tent-scrog.
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    FEEDING continued...

    At the latter parts of flowering is when lost strains are gonna put on significant weight so you want to capitalize on that instinct by feeding them strong batches and feeding them more often. They say a large plant in the prime of flowering should be getting a solution around 1400-1500ppm. I'm usually around 1200 ppm but I like to feed full strength more often as opposed to a full strength feeding followed by a half strength followed by a straight water feeding. I like to experiment with my feeding by mixing it up with different products. My main nutrient regiment consists of the Advanced Nutrients grand master line. But. I also like to mix in some Root Organics (for an organic boost). I also mix in so e Emerald Triangle products and some Humboldt Nutrients. I think VERDE by Humboldt Nutrients is an awesome vegg product. It's strong so watch out.

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  7. Currently they are in 1 liter (.3 gallon) Propagation Cell  SuperRoots Air Pots, and will be transferred to 3.6 gallon #5 Air Pots. It's a soilless mix (Majestic Earth) because I want to control the nutes (Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, Bloom) I'm guess I can use a regular thermometer to test the temp of the soilless mix, right? Just slide it in through one of the holes on the side of the pot to get a reading? BTW, what is "hempy"? Never heard that term before.
  8. Well, if you're using soil or soil-less your medium will usually be the same temp as your ambient temps in your grow environment. So, if it's 88 in your tent for any length of time, it stands to reason your medium will be same or similar. I think using a thermometer in the soil itself is unnecessary.
  9. Okay. What would you (or anyone else here) recommend I do to get the temp down? As stated before, I will be placing a clip fan inside the tent today, and as soon as I receive my two variable fan speed controllers (next week?) I'll be able to add an intake fan at the bottom to draw in air from the room. As for the exhaust fan, since it's connected to a carbon filter, I don't want to run it constantly and waste the filter because it's only for smell, and the plant is only 10 days old . Will I have to add a second exhaust fan just for air extraction, so that I can save the filter for the flowering period when the smell gets stronger?  :confused:  :confused_2:  :unsure:  This is so much more complicated than a simple "turnkey" pc grow box setup.
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    well, I got a new register from home depot ($10). It is a split design and I used tin snips to clip out one side in as close to a circular shape as I could. I then attached a tin flange to it and ran it to one of the back inlets of my cabinet where I had installed another flange. On the inside of the cabinet, I attached a 4.5" axial fan rated @ 145 cfm. I then connected it all with 4" duct. That way half of the register discharges into the room and the other half goes straight into my cabinet. Also, once the central AC turns off, the axial fan continues to draw the cool air left in the AC duct into my cabinet.
    When I had the thermostat set to 74f, my cabinet would sit right on 78-79. I turned it up to 75f and my cabinet temps rose ~2 degrees. It's now set to 76f and my cabinet sits at ~82ish. As long as the plants are digging it, I'll leave it there.
    To answer your question, the only way to cool your temps would be to introduce cooler air in some way. If you are in a room/area that has an AC inlet, you may be able to tap into that. You could also put some ice in there. A few frozen soda bottles will cool things, but that isn't efficient at all and you'd be replacing them 24/7.

    edit: Additionally, the only other way to impact temps is to vent. Not only out of the tent, but if the tent sits in a room with no venting, the ambient temps in the room will have a profoundly bad impact on the tent and it's contents. I would look outside my tent and see if there is something I could do to lower ambient room temps.
  11. I use a carbon filter at the top of the tent and open my side flaps. On my 4 x 4 tent I actually built light boxes that attach to the velcro meant for the flap. for the small vents on the side. It provides plenty of air flow. I also use a speed controller on my fan and dial it up or down to maintain 80 -85 in the tent. Oh I use a SJ DR 120 Pro II....
  12. Can anyone tell me if I'm better getting a 300w led or a red 300 cfl for an additional light for my room? I'm getting a bit confused with all these watts and different things people are telling me!! Cheers guys
    LED for sure, but it depends on what kind. Lots of fakes and crappy LED grow lights out there. Go with the Mars 2
  14. Cheers man, I'm just thinking about cost as well as it's quite an expensive hobby as well, I'm definitely going to look into led light I think as I've heard a lot of good reports, I have seen a few on eBay that look half decent, I might give one of them a go before I go spending mega money on anything!!
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    That's just it Dr. If you find an LED light cheaper than a Mars II, it's odds are high it'll be crap. Go that route and you'll either see the potential and realize right away you should have popped another $100 and gotten something a bit better. Then you can't sell yours for .50c on the dollar end up dropping cash on the light you probably should have gotten in the first place (from whatever company you choose. There are more than one out there). Or, you will simply be disappointed and go the HPS/MH route. It's proven and has a lower up-front cost, but also the liabilities of heat, venting, power consumption.

    lol...none of that may be very helpful, but it's the same questions we all ask ourselves at some point. I got a Mars II 140x5w, and while it's my first LED, I'm extremely pleased with it's performance and the price was unbeatable.
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  17. Awesome Buds.. Great color!
  18. I put my light (Mars II 140x5w) on a Killawatt meter last night and it showed it was only pulling 300w. The website has it's 5w diodes running at 325w-335w, but Mine isn't quite at that wattage. Some have expressed concern about this, and I can understand this if I'm doing anything commercial and have a definitive financial need to get maximum yield /cu. m. Mine running at the lower wattage isn't an issue for me. It runs cooler at 2.1w/diode. It DOES make me wonder what this light could do with a little more juice and some mild, passive cooling.
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    ... freshly picked OG 18...

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    ... Cantalope KUSH...

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