Complete Guide to Apartment Closet Setup Assistance Needed!

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  1. I live in an illegal state and I want to grow one "Sativa or Sativa-leaning" plant for personal use. I live in a one story 2br condo/apartment. I want to use a closet for the setup and I need some experienced growers advice.

    So the closet I'm planning to use is a pretty standard apartment closet.
    It has two bi-fold doors
    23" deep
    60" wide
    92" length

    I think I measured that right, I ain't no handy man.:D

    So what I want to know is:

    Which grow tent would be best for this size closet?

    Which LED light would be best for one, or two plants max.

    How would you ventilate in a closet that you can not alter in anyway.

    Will a sativa plant smell strongly in a grow tent?

    What do I need to study to learn how to care for my plants and get the greatest yields indoors?

  2. Research scrog. Will help control the stretch on a Sativa dominate plant and help maximize yield.

    I think @Whiteboy2727 does a wardrobe grow.
  3. I wouldn't bother with a tent in a closet that size - no sense IMO.

    You WILL need to vent it though - tent or not. Can you run a 4" to 6" duct to a window in the same room? What floor is closet? If on upper floor cut hole same size as bent thru ceiling into attic - patch and paint when you leave.

    No matter what, every grow Area needs ventilation and the smaller the area the easier to trap heat. Gotta get rid of it. You live their - start thinking creatively.

  4. Any mature plant will smell strong in any size space - this is a main reason for ventilation besides heat.

  5. Subbing, will be having this exact same problem soon when I move to my new apartment
  6. Thanks for all the help guys!

    So I live in a one story so their is nobody above me, if I do drill a hole in the ceiling will that mean the smell is going up there? Or just the heat?

    If smell is a gonna be a problem for one plant, what are my options? Please give detail on how you would trick this closet out into a personal cultivation chamber.

    How would you ventilate exactly?
    How would you reduce smell?
    How would you maximize yields?
  7. I do not advise drilling holes in a place you are renting.
  9. Your gonna need a carbon filter or some other means of covering up the smell. You'll have to get creative if you don't have a tent for a carbon filter though.
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  10. Not if you can't fix it.
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  11. No mater what, you are going to have to control smell and noise.
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  12. Clean air in, grow space air out.
    Carbon filter in on the above- negative air pressure.
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    A sativa plant is inadvisable for indoor grows that are trying to be stealthy and for beginners. At least get a sativa dominant hybrid at minimum. They stretch like crazy, and if they're the fruitier / sour strains, they will stink like mad.

    One plant will not cause humidity issues that you will need necessarily need to vent out of a room, just leave a door cracked for ventilation or crack a window if needed. A hygrometer will tell you. Venting out the window is optimal, but you're attempting to be stealthy. Vent outside only if necessary.

    Attach a carbon filter as part of your exhaust fan setup when needed. You can run an exhaust without the carbon filter at first and attach it later. You need an exhaust. You have to seal your tent for light leak prevention and control. So you have to have an exhaust to do this.

    Check for light leaks when your setup is first complete, and do another check once you have your flowering setup. Do not underestimate the danger of extra light during flower, your plants will hermie / revert to veg / stress out.

    To reduce exhaust fan noise, you can get a speed controller for your fan separately and plug it into that and there are mufflers you can buy, but you can get creative and invent ways to muffle sound from your exhaust fan. There are tutorials online.

    To maximize yields you maximize the amount of light reaching each bud site without burning the plant and grow it healthy. A SCROG is a for sure way to do this , as is running a plant under a strong HID / LED with proper defoliation (not excessive) / training.
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  14. 2x4x5 tent. Vivosun is cheap. Single 144x5 mars LED or better to have 2x450's or 600's if you can afford it. Ipower 4in carbon filter fan combo. Stick to small plants or lst training autoflowers. Fan speed controller. Forget anyone who says "no tent" unless you don't care that people will smell your grow. That's my opinion.

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  15. It's not even a big deal and especially on the ceiling of a closet. A little piece of Sheetrock, a trowel and some joint compound and then just repaint the ceiling and you'd never know a hole was there. Who scrutinizes the ceiling of a closet anyhow.

    Unless you have a better way to ventilate the closet?

    OP, venting up into the attic is a good solution when there's no one above you.

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  16. Why is that? So what is the difference between venting the closet itself or cramming a tent into the little closet and losing space?

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  17. I did my first grow in the same size closet just about. you won't be able to fit a 2x4 in there because it's only 23" deep! unless you go with a 20x36 or something? but like mentioned if you don't have a window near the closet your going to need ventilate threw the attic or window.

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  18. Negative pressure or end up scrubbing the air in the whole room/apartment. Turbulence from the air movement will smell up the whole room.

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  19. Is it necessary to hide a tent or can you let it stick out a few inches?

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