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Complete DIY grow cab/closet(tell me what you think)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Fubar24-7, May 31, 2009.

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    hey tell me what you think!


    2 100watt MH sylvania bulbs
    1 150watt HPS Sylvania bulb.
    2 26 watt CFL (100 watt equiv.)
    2 12 watt CFL (60 watt equiv.)

    2 6" fans cooling the lights, one 10"fan circulating fresh air.

    air ventilation: carbon filter running with 2 pc fans(will be upgrading to a 65 cfm bathroom vent fan.

    running a 24/0 schedule at the moment.

    growing 1xTrainwreck,"1xMazghan Kush", and 1xTop 44

    and a nice visual of a couple nugs of some really sweet purp. :D smooth smoke and super mind/body high, and last long as well. :D
  2. for some reason it wont let me upload the pictures in my first post.

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  3. looks good man.

    if you don't mind i have a question.. i have 2 of those same 6 inch fans u have sitting at the bottom (so quiet :hello:) and i was planning on using one (or both if i had to) on a home made carbon filter. do you think these fans have enough power for this?
  4. hmmm i mean they probably will be too big (the casing), if you gutted the insides and wired them im sure they would work great, but i would use a cfm fan to use through a carbon filter, for right now like i said in my post, i have 2 computer fans one at either end pulling air out through the carbon filter. it works great, but not good enough. i think you can find inline fans at like cvs for cheap and their actually really nice :p

    and the o2 breezes are very quiet :)
  5. these make really nice fans, and very cheap at local hardware stores, just the motor and the fan, in the bathroom ventilation section. 50 cfm. under 12 bucks.

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  6. i think i will try to use the 02 breezes first. i am doing a stealth grow and don't want my dresser humming. i should be able to rig something up. thanks for the help :)
  7. no problem but the cfm fans are really even more quiet, and it blows alot of air. but the o2 breezes, go for it, just make sure you gut them out of the plastic. alot more maneuverable that way.

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