Complete beginner.. Lots of questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by taylorfrocks, May 15, 2011.

  1. A friend and i have decided to try to grow a few plants outside this year.

    We have decided on place on the edge of a corn field in a clearing near some woods.

    I have many questions and would really appreciate some insight from you skilled growers..

    First off.. What is the best way to germinate the seed?

    After germinating of the seed, should i plant the sprouted seeds in cups? Or just into the ground where i plan to grow them?

    If they do in fact go into the cup, how big should i let them get before i put them in ground outside?

    And what is the deal with soil? Should i spread potting soil around the area where i plan to grow? Or should i just use the soil that is naturally there?

    Thanks to anyone who answers! Much appreciate it!
  2. I have no experience with outdoor grows, but I think I can help somewhat.
    No, the soil in the ground won't be suitable if you want good bud. I've read lots of books, and they say to dig a hole, not sure how big, and fill that hole with good soil for planting your plants. That's all I know about that. Now for germination-
    I have a 100% success rate myself with this method, not saying its the best, but it works for me. Get a coffee mug, fill it just over 3/4 with water, preferably r/o water or distilled. Keep the mug on a seedling mat or another source to keep it warm. throw in your seeds. cover the mug with foil. poke an air tube connected to an air pump through the foil to oxygenate the water. you will have tap roots within 36 hours, 48 max.
    That's what I do, lots of people still use the paper towel method. Whatever works though ya know. Good luck

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