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Comple Grow Tent Kit

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Got Milk, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Hey Grasscity! Im an 18 yr old Student living in a granny flat at the front of my parents house, Employed and earning about $60 a week.. Like most, i would like to cut back my weed smoking expenses so ive currently got 2 germinated seeds waiting to sprout from their Peat Pellets, i will be growing them outside in the sun as i ponder on what i should do..

    I am interested in having a small indoor grow op, Space is limited and it needs to looks somewhat inconspicuous, i have a fish tank setup so i will inform any who ask its my makeshift cabinet in which i keep supplies in.. I built a small rubbermaid grow but was having heat troubles so its currently sitting in my mates basement ( I can salvage, 4 x 18 watt 2700k Cfls all wired properly, 1 x 80mm computer fan wired, 1 x 50mm computer fan wired).. That and its mad suss looking to have laying around my apartment..

    Personally im lazy, one of the biggest appeals for indoor grow ops is that everything is there infront of you, no hikes to make water runs, no getting caught out in the rain putting up tarps ect ect... And one of the biggest appeals of the grow tent is its all done... I know that DIY would be alot cheaper/Better value.. But i have a knack for starting things and not completing them or getting bored the rushing and not being entirely satisfied with the end product...

    So after some research im interested in having a tent grow, they seem the most practicle.. Heres what i was thinking..

    Its $150 + $40 Ventillation + $30 Shipping + $20 Carbon Filter and fits two tiny plants.. Veg will only be 2 weeks long.. Bout $240 all up..

    Aussieponics! Australias Own Hydroponic Supply - Complete systems here! - CFL KIT WITH TENT, GROW BLOCK, POT, AND CARRY TRAYS (Powered by CubeCart)

    Heres just the tent -

    Aussieponics! Australias Own Hydroponic Supply - Complete systems here! - HYDROPONICS GROW TENT SIZE 0.8m x 0.45m x0.8m GROWTENT (Powered by CubeCart)

    Heres the Vent i would buy -

    Aussieponics! Australias Own Hydroponic Supply - Complete systems here! - INLINE DUCT VENTILATING EXHAUST FAN 6"/150MM 25W METAL (Powered by CubeCart)

    Thats $240 all up, for two, 1.5 foot tall plants.. Probs wont get much more then an ounce or 2 per yeild.. Pays for itself in one good grow..

    What yall think?

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