Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Joe Mama, Feb 2, 2001.

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  1. I made an order 3 weeks ago and I still have not recived it. They even charged my credit card. I wrote an e-mail 3 days ago and another today with no response.
  2. Joe,

    you\'ve made an order, which one? I have not got any mail from you, I think, mail me directly to, with your order number and all, I\'ll get to the bottom of this. Don\'t worry, we always deliver (hey otherwise I would delete your post [​IMG] )

  3. I just emailed you now. Just in case my order number was JF215410000236. Thanks for your time. I love the store. You should throw in a free Dutch joint for my trouble [​IMG]

    Thnks again.
  4. I\'ll get to it tomorrow, the sales department is closed throught the weekend, it\'s the first thing I do tomorrow at the office. Mail you back on monday.


  5. Thank you super joint. Complaint officlially withdrwn [​IMG] I dunno maybe you guys forgot to mail it or something. See what happens in counties where pot is legal! Something to think about... Just kidding [​IMG]
  6. Joe,

    My people are looking through all the orders, we noticed some delay in the shipping because of the tremendous amount of people who ordered because of our ad in the hightimes, I actualy think your order has already been send out, but you\'ll know for sure tomorrow. Sorry for the delay

  7. Hey man stop the search! It came today [​IMG] It had a big fat sticker on it that said \"LOST IN SHIPPING\". So after all that it was the U.S mails falt. Man we can\'t even get good mail in this country [​IMG] Thanks a whole lot for helping me out though. I will order from the store in the future. Thanks again man.
  8. it\'s good everything worked out. joe, careful when you dis the US mail. They might go crazy and start shooting people. jk

  9. Joe,

    That\'s great, load of my chest, Sometimes I think customs is f*cking with our shipments.
    But hey enjoy your goods and thanx again for shopping with us [​IMG]

  10. I bet thats exactly whats happening. Isn\'t it a federal crime to tamper with people\'s mail? Free country my ASS. Well anyway thanks a bunch, if anyone else reads this post it shows that this is a great store with great customer service [​IMG] Thanks Superjoint for all your help. Good luck on all the new business. PEACE
  11. The best advertising you can get!

    Thanx joe and enjoy the smoke!

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