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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Digit, May 11, 2004.


    i cant even bring myself to keep reading it. COMPLETE reversal of the truth. i had to stop myself when i read him say that Tetrohydrocannibanol is highly toxic and very very powerfull. besides the bullshit scare tactics, it is DISGUSTING to see someone say it is Toxic, when it is well known that it has one of the lowest toxicity ratings in nature!!!!!
  3. Fuck, I read a few lines and got pissed off, those politicans need to get off their ass and do some real good instead of publishing their lies, damn today this forum has made me unserene twice today. lol
  4. wow that pissed me off i think il go smoke a blow
  5. voluntary alzheimers? What the fuck? How fucking retarded do you have to be?

    I love the "10 to 20 times stronger" arguement, because a) its not true (we all wish it was) abnd b) because that would mean the fucking this is safer than it ever has been before

    No doubt this is the same kind of guy who will go out and sit at a bar for hours at a time just drinking.
  6. Thats some funny stuff.
  7. i was readin an article about magic mushrooms on bbc news, and it said

    "magic mushrooms, which contain LSD"


  8. D9, you got a link to that? thats some seriously fucked up shit. How can they possibly report on this stuff if they are completely clueless about it!?

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