Competitive gaming anyone?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Cpt Cannabis, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hello fellow gamer blades,

    I was just curious if anyone else loves competitive gaming, stuff like MLG and gamebattles. Im a huge halo fan so it's always had my attention. Went to MLG meadowlands last year and orlando this year. I don't play in the tournys there cause i don't have the dedication to be on everyday to practice but still love being there and watching the pros and stuff.

    The only problem i have with it is a lot of the community there takes it waaaaay too serious.
  2. I did a ton of Starcraft tournaments my freshman year at college. Made a few bucks, won some cool shit, but never had any desire whatsoever to do it more seriously.

    I game maybe 30-60 minutes a day these days, but not into it enough to devote more time.
  3. Thats pretty sick dude! Yeah i stopped playing video games for awhile and in the past month or so picked it up again. I used to play so much. CoD4 was when i first started playing a lot...that was bad. Spent ALL of my free time playing that game.

    Never played starcraft but heard tons about it. Especially koreans romping at it :laughing:
  4. Love playing halo. Reach is awesome. MLG is cool but people do take it a bit too seriously. I wonder if skate is going to be part of MLG...
  5. Was a pro in halowars, played alot of cod4 gamebattles won some local tourneys but that was it for cod4. Playeda shit ton of AOE3 online and starcraft.
  6. @Broseph: Love halo also. I agree that people at MLG take it too seriously, not all definitely some good people over there but most kids just bitch and whine about everything, if you look at the forums all they talk about is how much halo 3 sucks but yet they still play it non-stop. I dun get it haha.

    @xboxerdude: Nice man used to play cod4 on GB also. Had lots and lots of fun with that game. First game i ever really got serious about. How'd you go pro in halo wars?
  7. gamebattles is cool...if you play modern warfare 2 on 360, check out the clan thread and tell me your gamebattles name.
  8. Was pro in R6V1 &2 throughout the 07-08 season...attended well over 12 events at MLG.
  9. Damn nice dude. Im not good enough to play on any teams for games but i don't really play one game anymore either though. But i love watching it's so awesome haha.

    Congrats on that, cool to see blades here into this and some even play in it! :smoke:
  10. Won Roughly 2800$ before taxes playing and I thought that was enough to call myself pro hahaha. But I wasnt the best but I was def top 5 for the world.
  11. I went to MLG Dallas 2008 for Halo 3, went 5th Round losers. Had to play Florida Jackolopes which was HS Lightking's team with DirtMigirt.
  12. add my Xbox GT HankHenry

    Ill play anything

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