Compatibility amongst people

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  1. There are people, who are compatible with you, and then there are people, who are just impossible to get along with.

    I have an incompatible guy, who's head I want to rip off, but I can't coz he's my customer.

    The guy is always telling me I'm wrong, and he blames everything on me.

    I wish he was right in front of me so I can blow up his head with my pistol, but unfortunately we're in different countries.


    I tried to be patient with the guy, but I give up.

    That fucking asshole...
  2. people in general suck.....

    some of them so much so that they cant give up until they have you feel as bad as they do.....

    i get the feeling they think this will make them feel better.....but it never does....
    so they just feel more of the same or even worse.....

  3. draw a picture of yourself blowing his brain beef all over someone you hate slightly less.

    playing it out in a tangible form in a doodle actually does work wonders for me
  4. people = shit :confused_2:
  5. Same exact way you are, same exact way. There are people who I just get negative vibes from and whenever I'm around them at any moment I just shut the fuck up and keep to myself, not wanting to associate or even bother with them.

    Then there are the rare and few people I feel immense positive vibes from and I'm a completely different person, more talkative and energetic etc.

    I've definitely learned to just attempt to avoid those negative vibers at all means possible, it's truly worth it.
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    The nature of most people is to look out for themselves, they could give a hot fuck how they treat others. It's as much a lack of compatibility as it is a general lack of empathy.

    You might find this interesting
  7. 2 eyes

    2 ears

    1 nose

    1 mouth

    where is the incompatibility?

  8. my penis is compatible with all those things (some will require more effort than others)

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