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  1. I was wondering...
    Which of the methods gets most of the good stuff out of the harvest?
    Dry Sift, ice, dry ice or qwiso?
    If we use the 4 methods on the same amount of the same stuff ...
    Which of the methods up will leave nothing valuable behind?

    I asked before about dry sift and got a reply that I can run some alcohol on the remanents to get some oil...

    But after using ice to get bubble hash or if I use dry ice will there still be anything left in the remanents?

    I'm being greedy I know but why to leave anything behind? :smoking-rapper:

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  2. There are multiple sizes of screens that come with the bag kits. You really shouldn't be "leaving anything behind" with them. I've never tried it but I reckon after the dry ice sublimates you could run solvent through it. Not sure how useful it would be.

    From what I can tell, dry ice is about 10% return with no solvents...which gets it my vote as the "best". ..along with being cheap, fast, and easy...just how I like my women lmao
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  3. :hola:
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  5. Dry sift you will likely leave a lot behind if you're after the highest quality sift. I spin my dry sifted herbs in ice water afterwards to catch what I missed.

    Shouldn't leave much if anything behind doing IWE. If something gets left behind your water wasn't cold enough and not enough ice.

    Dry Ice hash I really can't say. I wouldn't even bother tbh.

    Qwiso you won't lose anything but you'll be leaving something extra behind. I definitely wouldn't bother with this either imo.
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  6. by IWE you mean Ice Water Extraction?
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  7. Yessir!

    IWE/Ice Wax/Full Melt/Water Hash/Ice Hash/Bubble whatever you wanna call it!
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  8. was thinking also that this way will get all whats there)):weed:
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