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Comparing my fair prices to ripoffs.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Well, since I've been seeing alot of people talking about prices, I just wanna give my 2 cents on what ripoff prices are and what fair prices are.

    $25-$30 a g. ripoff $10-$20 a g. You good
    $65-$80 an 1/8th. ripoff $30-$60 an 1/8th. You good
    $120-$140 a quad. ripoff $80-$110 a quad. You good
    $220-$280 a half. ripoff $150-$200 a half. You good
    $420-$500 an Oz. ripoff $300-400 an Oz. You good

    This was based of my own experiences and opinions. If you are in a situation where you have to buy at a ripoff price and don't know anyone else. Then by all means go ahead with it.

    Edit: Sorry if it's hard to read, I tried putting spaces in between but I guess that doesn't work.
  2. Dam here in central California I can get an eighth for 20 from a dispensary :D
  3. yeh,really hate too see folks being overpriced...
  4. For me half o is 100 and à ounce is 170-215 depending on quality at strain
  5. An ounce shouldnt be more than 200
  6. I'd say the top prices for all your good prices aren't really that great. I'd say those are more neutral prices than anything because you're not technically overpaying but your not getting a deal either.
  7. 250 an oz in NJ but I'm lucky. I've heard people saying four hundred is a good deal around where I live.

  8. I live in nj and 350 an ounce is as good a deal as I can get right now, so you're very lucky
  9. 150-200 an ounce here

  10. Says the guy in san francisco...

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