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comparing hash to bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MR. widow, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Hi, does anyone know about how many hits of hash (medium quality for best comparison accuracy) are worth about a regular sized bowl of some dank? Thanks.
  2. in my mind theres no comparasen, bud > hash.
  3. Ill take bomb hash over bomb bud anyday. Hash doesnt come around that often but i can get good bud anyday
  4. I have always found the high from concentrates to be different from just smoking the ganja. Also i usually smoke the two together...

    Apples and oranges my friend...
  5. A few of my good friends swear by hash, they will smoke it over some good nug any day. I personally don't see what all the hype is about.
  6. In my experience a .1g chunk of some blonde bubble hash gives me about the same feeling as a .3g bowl of some high quality herb.
  7. I prefer dank over hash anyday.
  8. IMO, Hash is stronger since its a concentrated form. I like the .1hash = .3nugget ratio. Makes sense to me.
  9. Greetings,
    Wow, sounds like none of you have ever smoked a 73 µm bubblehash. :smoke:

    To the original poster: Most high grade varieties of cannabis are in the mid to high 20% THC content rating, although they can also be below 1% or as high as 32-34%.

    Now, Hashes vary even more, but a mediocre hash would be anywhere from 50-60% THC content by weight. So, by weight, hash averages to be able twice as strong.

    Now something like a bubblehash tends to be near 70-80% THC by weight, and something like Budder would be closer to 80-94%. It's almost impossible to get closer than that without being a nobel prize-winning chemist.

    Most of the information comes from Hedron:

    I highly recommend that service too, by the way.
  10. getting the same intensity of high at the same frequency of smoking, 10 grams of manali cream hash lasts me a month and a half, 10 grams of dank ass erb lasts me about 2.5 weeks.
  11. exactly the kind of replies i was hoping for. more please.
  12. If you seem to be smoking a shit ton of bud to get high a great alternative is hash! The high is more intense and mind fucked. I would + rep the .1 gram hash = .3 gram bud.

    6 bowls in dub, .3 gram each = 1.8g dub.

    The hash will last you longer as .1 gram of hash = .3gram.
    6 bowls of weed or 10 bowls of hash. It's up to the smoker, but hash defiantly gets the job done with the smallest amounts!

    Here in Oregon I pay $25 for 1.8 gram of bud. or $20 for 1 gram of hash. $45 for 3.5.

    I personally save money on buying hash because of the prices here.

    Also they mix very well, why not smoke both!

    .1 gram of hash should also go around plenty more than a decent sized bowl. I would recommend smoking out of a pipe if you want maximize amounts of hits. But bubbler is my favorite to smoke hash out of!

    edit: I would ask for 4 nice hits of hash for a good sized chronic bowl.
  13. some hash is as much as a hundred bucks a gram and will put you on your ass for a good week id you conserve it correctly. id take a gram of good hash over a gram of good trees any day.

    i make hash regularly with the trimmings i get from my weekly pickups.

    if i use a quarter of trimmings and small buds at the end of my pickups i'm usually only able to come away with a half a gram of good iso hash at best.
  14. Greetings

    Doesn't cost that much here :smoke:

    Yours Truly,

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