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  1. Well, Greetings again Friends! :D

    First of all the Jack Herer weed, on the cover of High Times, is stupendous. :hello: But today, as I was smoking from my home-made water-bong, I was presented a ponder by an unknown speculation. :eek: I contemplated on whether a professionally made water-bong would have more THC capabilities than my Smart-Water water-bong. :p Just a thought, if you kind noblemen would solve my predicament. :rolleyes: BTW, my bitchass is muthafuckin hizigh NEwayz, soh dat shit aint gon make no dod gamn differnts. ;)

  2. So your curious if a glass bong made by a blower will deliver more THC than your homemade bong.

    In my opinion it shouldn't, but if there are leaks or if the plastic is somewhat porous or absorbent but other than that it shouldn't matter.

    People buy glass because, its more sturdy and cleaner.
    Safer then plastic.
    More customizable
    and is a product of art and skill.

    if you want more THC out of your bud you can get a vaporizer..or make honey oil..or get a vapor globe..vapor skillet attachment for your bong..if you ever buy a good gong(glass on glass bong).

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