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  1. It's finally time for me to start seriously searching for a new tube and I'm heavily leaning towards a stemline. Before I make my final decision though I just wanted to see everyones opinion on how a stemline compares to other tubes I've hit, specifically an sg 8 arm and a migrant triple disc (or any other disc diffy). Any other comparisons are welcome, these are just my two most frequented pieces.
  2. nobody? i know theres plenty of you with stemlines
  3. sg stemlines provide a smooth hit, but its very airy if that makes sense. No sense of any chug or bubbling, just air and smoke lol. Almost like a steam roller hit but cooled down.

  4. Does this mean it is not as much of a thick, dense hit?
  5. Stemlines are pretty nice. Almost no drag and its a pretty smooth hit. I've owned two in my life but i personally am a much bigger fan of inlines. You will (usually) will get a nicer diffuser for your money, and there is essentially no difference in drag. I've heard good things about the higher end griddled stemlines they appear to hit incredibly well in videos i've seen. Honestly though, the black leaf inline is 50 bucks and hits nicer than your average $200+ stemline.

  6. Not true at all I have used both. I took a black leaf inline when I went camping on the beach as a throwaway piece and it was awful.

    Only 3 or 4 slits actually diffused as the diffuser was too wide bore, making it so much draggier than my hops inline (almost the same sized tube). My mate stemline hits better than my hops as well so stemline v blackleaf is no contest.
  7. It is possible that it only uses a few slits if the weld isn't straight, or if you don't hold it upright. I own 4 inlines, two were from gc and two were blown in Eugene, Oregon by Carlin (a pretty well renowned glassblower who has a few pieces on ALT). GC ain't always perfect, but it holds up pretty well against what is generally considered top of the line glass at a much more reasonable price. Don't hate just because its not brand name like your HOPS. I'm curious to know what type of stemline it is, because there are certainly nice ones out there but i haven't seen many at a good price.
  8. I'm going to have to assume he's obviously talking about the SG stemline specifically. It gives you a nice thick rip but not as much chug as a regular diffy, very smooth, can barely feel the bubbling. Works even better with an a/c such as a toro circ :D I'm going to hit mine up right now, so good :)

    I would recommend a stemline, quality tube man, can't go wrong! I have an SG 8arm with an alex k as well and I love the hit of that but wish it had the gridded diffy and gridded trees, maybe in the future :p Hits great but not as good as the stemline/ac. Hard to compare 1 chamber to 2 so I don't know how to compare it to just the stemline.
  9. Many at a good price? Any SG gridded Stemline for ~$300 is a good price
  10. Not everyone wants to spend that much on a bong Major. It's a decent price, wish it was less because with taxes, shipping and conversion (bought off alt) it cost me around $345 canadian. Ouch. Great bong, wish it was 5mm thick like these new ones, it's only 4mm thick.
  11. Yeah yeah very true, but compared to other bongs in the price range I would say a stemline offers the most bang for the buck....especially if bought used

    I got my natty stemline off TK for $270 shipped USD....not bad if you ask me. I'm not sure of the thickness but my guess would be 4mm

  12. This is mostly what I'm basing my decision on. My price range is in the $300-$400 dollar range and I haven't really seen anything else in that range near the quality and near unanimous approval of the stemline.
  13. when did they change it from 4mm to 5? jw bought mine late-july
  14. a SYN full sized showerhead is $360 and looks like it provides a whole lota diffusion over the stemline.
  15. Those syn shower heads are meh.. Not many people have them. Know why? Cus they dont function as well as other stuff in that price range
  16. really? I was thinking about investing in one in the near future too. what about the SGW waffle? its $300.

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