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  1. Hello there..

    I was going to make a poll about this topic, but then i realized that i don't really give a fuck what you guys think...So instead i decided to post this as a discussion.

    The company that i work for is having a Golf Tournament. They've basically gone through the trouble of renting the complete course for staff use. So in essence, we can do whatever the fuck we want because the golf course is fucking HUGE and the staff won't even be on the course.

    Now, my boss has asked that me and my co-workers dress nicely, meaning golf shirt, nice shorts and such..

    And well, i've decided to don a cape and dress as Golf Man.

    The other 3 chaps that i'm golfing with already have their costumes ready but i've been so busy with work i haven't had the time to work on it.

    Oh yeah, and i'm up for a really big promotion in the next month and all 13 of my bosses are going to be there golfing. I'm hoping to make the right impression.

    And then again i just might go in my regular ridicilous golf outfit, i haven't decided yet.
  2. Just play Pro V-1 and they'll love you
  3. More importantly. Can you play golf?
  4. I'm more of a driving range type of fella.
  5. You should just wear a kilt instead, that'd be fucking hilarious.
  6. Sorry, but my humor is a step above the kilt.

    I'm on the next level bro.
  7. :( dang
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    Use your wedges and irons with a bit more loft. You'll spend more of the day in the fairway.
  9. Thanks playa.
  10. But wear the costume.
  11. Still deciding. If i do i'll post a pic of our super group.

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