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  1. Just curiuos if anyelse experaments with companion planting? If so what has worked not worked? For me the list of things that dont work is way bigger than the ones that do. Bad stil not sure though: Tomato, sunflower, potato, corn. intermediate: basil rosemary Good: garlic, marigold.
    any thoughts experience would be great. Just want to knnow what to avoid trying next year?
  2. Tomatoe plants from what I hear are very much like MJ plants. I think they would fighting each other for nutrients.

    What is the purpose of companion planting?
  3. Are you trying to combat pests and insects? If so, chrysanthemums, marigold, garlic, oninons and nasturtium are good companion plants for tomatoes...I imagine they would be good for pot too.
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    In other ploants that are more studied plant differnt plants next to each other can be benifical. for example, Corn and legumes. The legumes make nitrogen pockets in thier roots which the corn absorbs. In return the lugumes use the corn as a trellis. There are many compaion planting like these i was just seeing if anyone else has exparmented with it? To answer your question, compaion planting can be used to keep away pests.(i think that was your question). Thanks:)
  5. Nobody has a regular garden and does this? Well i recomend to everyone to grow a regular organic garden. You will learn SOOOOOO MUCH:hello:. Then we can have good expert growers here (not that there isnt already) but you can always tell who has grown many types of plants. I think i have learned more about growing from my regular garden than anything else. You learn patience and how plants act and what to worry about and what not to worry about (def. most valuable lesson, so much less stress). So here is my call, lets see some pics of everones regular outdoor garden to really tell who has the greenthumbs:hello:
    Good luck
  6. I grow field peas (cow peas for yankees) and then follow with either greens or tomatoes...depending on the time o year. I don't plant them together though.

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