Companion Planting

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by a206h, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. I want to try companion planting with MJ. Anyone try this with success? I hear that MJ is similar to tomatoes in many this true regarding similar companion plants?
    I am in the Pacific Northwest. No sun loving companion plants, ha!
  2. What for, to conceal them? No experienced grower I know grows other plants near their pot. Just extra work. It can be also a give away as it adds more bulk to a grow site and more work to water the extra plants.
  3. Companion planting in vegetables has several benefits. Pest deterring, beneficial bug attracting, root zone helping, some plants draw up calcium and other nutrients deep from within the soil. A good example is using marigolds in a garden to deter harmful nematodes, borage attracts predatory beneficial, mints discourage ants and thus, aphids.
    I plant my girls in the soil with veggies nearby. Not attempting to guerrilla garden. No need here in Washington! Whoop!
    Perhaps there's some old timers that swear by having edible herbs grow alongside their "herb". Anyone?
  4. Oh it's nice to conceal them if you're trying to be discrete. The main thing with mj is to give them max sun, enough food and water so the "brix" levels are up and they resist to pests etc... ALso good genetics and a warm climate help.

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