Compacted Soil & a patchy lawn

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by SeasideStuart, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone, My first thread, I have a small front garden, live at sea level & face south east. The soil is compacted & after investigation, relatively lifeless. Even in summer it remains moist, on the driest of days. It is also patchy. I would like to have somewhere I can sit on a summers' day without getting damp.
    My mobility is limited so my organic response needs to be about less disturbance, both for my manky body and the land. Can anyone help?
  2. I'm not sure I exactly understand what you're asking.
    If you want something to sit on turn a 5-gallon bucket on its head and sit on that?
    If you want to grow stuff in that soggy, compacted soil, then it's best to start incorporating a lot of organic matter and lime and then build a raised bed/berm on top of that.
    If water's coming into your property laterally, find a way to divert it away.
    You can install a vertical drain to move the water down the soil profile.
  3. Hi Stevebombb, After time in the classroom along with a commitment to organic gardening,
    I'm asking for any good advice specifically now, on Humates as you mentioned organic matter & Bio fertilizers, my chassis is battered & beaten these days, so any form of heavy work is out. You are the first to mention Lime, can I ask you to elaborate a little more as to why for me please? :confusedalt:

    Thanks Steve
  4. What is the cause of the dampness?
  5. Hello HipsterDoofus, Cause of dampness ? I can only assume that it is where I live, The Lake District, NW England, where we don't ever want for rain, along with my newly discovered compacted soil. I'm about 3 metres above sea level & face south east, the garden is not in shade other than those cast by waist high shrubs. This winter was particularly wet & during every downpour, water sat on the surface only to drain once the shower had stopped

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