Compact micro-ventilation

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TheBongMakinMan, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. So I wanted to throw this idea out there for a compact ventilation system for my grow tent, and see if anyone has any suggestions or opinions.

    In short, I have a rather small area to work in, and I can't bore in to my walls to thread ducting and fans or filters, and even more than that, it can be kind of pricy.

    So my idea is to instead, take 3 or 4 little fans from scrap PC's, embed them in a piece of plastic and strap the plastic to the frame of my grow tent, in the bottom left side, and then duplicate that up in the top right hand side.

    The fans alone, or even all together, aren't quite enough to pressurize the tent, but with both sets, I'm hoping that it will be enough to create an air current through the tent.

    Thoughts and opinions?

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  2. It sounds like you want to have fans pushing air in and pushing air out.

    If you have an open intake but you're pushing air out (exhaust), you won't need fans to blow air in. The fans pushing air out up top will create flow through the intake on the bottom.

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