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Compact is good?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Coma Stoned, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. I usually just get my green Buded all up I wont get bud thats already broke up cuz i know it loses potency Plus ijust like looking at the buds i am smoking... But the other nite i got some of the most compact bud ever i seen bud come off a Brick ya know... You can see it cuz it looks a little busted up and broken... but this time i got bud that looked like it was between 10 tons of steel for a week... it was completely flat it still had stem in it and i didnt find any seeds... which surprised me cuz i figured it would have them... But it was pretty hard to break up and the feeling i got from it was great.... I was wondering does being compact help Bud potency...? It felt like it did but it just might of been the bud....
  2. it was just the bud. compacting the nugs bursts THC glands, and diminishes the potency :D

  3. OWWWWWWW, i hurt just hearing that
  4. Well, that's the last time I ever cram a bowl full.. Gonna gently place the bud in the bowl next time. o_O

  5. Are you serious? I just crammed about two grams into a little baggy.SHit!
  6. depends, i get some weed that is not compacted but very small visually until you break it up where it shows its true size and somtimes i get bud thats huge but doesnt break up into as much visually but when you make a bowl dont pack it tight otherwise you wont beable to get as big hoots :p

  7. couldn't have said it better myself :D

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